‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Rain and Bird Brown Show Off the Many Uses of Charcoal

by Amy Myers

Alaskan Bush People sisters Rain (18) and Bird (26) have learned from a young age how to adapt to their surroundings and use naturally occurring elements for everyday purposes. This includes more practical tools like cooking ware and shelter aids, as well as more fun like makeup and personal care products. Dedicated to turning lemons into lemonade, the pair have become resourceful and creative, no matter what the circumstance. So, when the Palmer Wildfire consumed much of their Washington property, the sisters decided to look on the bright side and use the residual charcoal from the charred trees surrounding their home for more whimsical purposes.

Discovery recently released a clip of the sweet and hysterical moment between the Alaskan Bush People sisters. During the video, the youngest members of the Brown family decided to make homemade eyeliner and toothpaste. They sat side-by-side on Rain’s “deck” on North Star Ranch in Tonasket, Washington.

“Growing up the way that we did, you’re taught to use what you have when you have it,” older sister Bird explained. “And so when the good Lord gives you a wildfire, you have to use the charcoal.”

Watch the clip of their experiments below.

Both Bird and Rain mashed their own burnt branches to create a charcoal powder. Bird focused on creating an especially minty toothpaste while Rain conquered a liquid eyeliner. As the Alaskan Bush People women continued mixing their ingredients, Rain explained why it was difficult to wear makeup “in the bush.”

“It’s hard to wear makeup in the bush, so you want something that you have to use gasoline to get it off your face so it stays there all day,” the youngest Alaskan Bush People member said.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Sisters Reflect on Bonding with Each Other

Thankfully, Rain’s eyeliner proved to be a success. She used a small makeup brush to apply the charcoal to her eyelid, creating a “smoky” effect. Meanwhile, Bird continued concocting her toothpaste, admitting that she prefers it to be “extra minty.”

Unfortunately, it seemed the Alaskan Bush People star added a bit too much mint as she and Rain soon found out. Both women have trouble keeping the paste in their mouths for very long before spitting it over the edge of the railing. Despite the unsavory experience, the two were happy to be in each other’s company.

“Just sitting here with Rain, laughing and having fun, after everything that has happened, it feels good,” Bird reflected. “It feels good just to forget for a minute that right outside Rain’s porch is burned.”

Bird shared that the time with her younger sister was a reminder to “laugh and have fun” while they can, even when facing a tragedy together.