‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Songbird and Rain Brown Were Like Fish Out of Water Exploring a Convenience Store

by Leanne Stahulak

Although “Alaskan Bush People” stars Songbird and Rain Brown feel right at home out in the wilderness, sometimes they like to get a taste of city life too.

Since the show premiered on the Discovery Channel seven years ago, the Brown children have gotten little sample of what it’s like to live outside the bush. Back in 2015, Discovery posted one hilarious clip of sisters Songbird and Rain exploring a convince store on their own in Juneau, Alaska.

At the time, “Alaskan Bush People” star Songbird was 20 years old and Rain was 12. The sisters had time to kill while waiting for their mom, Ami Brown, to get some dental work done. The girl’s late father Billy Brown told them to explore a bit on their own while they waited.

“While we’re waiting for the appointment for the dentist, the girls are gonna be out exploring the town,” Billy said in the clip. “It’s something they don’t get to do very often. They almost always got a brother or us [Billy and Ami] with them. They’re kinda excited about it.”

The two girls head into a convenience store to look around. And their reactions to different everyday items are priceless.

“We live so far out in the bush, when we come into a big city like this, it’s kind of a special occasion,” Songbird said. “There’s so much stuff, my eye goes to everything. So I’m just looking at everything.”

The “Alaskan Bush People” stars look at fake eyelashes, a bunch of shampoo bottles, spray deodorant, and other random items. Some of the products confuse or amuse them. The girls got a kick out of recent magazines, though they didn’t recognize many celebrity names.

“To me, when I think about an actor… Goldie Hawn,” Songbird said. In unison, she and Rain say, “Kurt Russell. Where did they go?”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Songbird Browne Expresses Desire to Go Back to Alaska

Earlier this year, in February, “Alaskan Bush People” patriarch Billy Brown died of a seizure. He was 68 years old and is survived by his wife, two daughters, and five sons. On top of his passing, the family also experienced the loss of their Washington state home, due to the wildfires that swept through the region last year.

After the house burned down, Billy Brown rounded up his kids to help put the house back together. But his oldest daughter, Snowbird, expressed a desire to go back to Alaska instead. Discovery shared an exclusive clip of their conversation that took place before his passing.

“When Bird said she wanted to go back to Alaska, I was like ‘Is she crazy? What’s going on here?’” Billy said during the past interview. “But I know she misses it. She left a great love there. You know and she had to, for us.” 

His wife Ami added, “Alaska to Bird is like snuggling up under a warm blanket on a cold day with a cup of hot chocolate. It’s so deep inside her and what she is.”