‘Alaskan Bush People’: Status of Billy Brown’s Estate and Will Announced

by Jon D. B.

Several shocking revelations are finally coming to light months after the passing of “Alaskan Bush People”s patriarch, Billy Brown.

Through Washington court papers, The Sun has learned that late Billy Brown had only $2,000 in a Wells Fargo bank account at the time of his death. Brown died at 68-years-old after suffering a seizure in their Washington home.

The papers reveal that, in the time since, Billy’s wife, Ami Brown, 57, requested to become the sole representative of her husband’s estate. The request was approved, and as a result, Ami has full control over Billy Brown’s post-mortem affairs.

Tragically, Billy Brown had no will made before the time of his death. According to The Sun, Ami confirms this by saying “no valid will has been found” in said documents.

Within, the full status of Brown’s estate comes to light. Ami lists her husband’s assets at $39,000 total. The largest chunk comes courtesy of $415,000 in “real property for four parcels of land.”

In addition, the “Alaskan Bush People” star’s “household goods” are said to be worth $10,000. A hefty $12,000 worth of livestock is also accounted for.

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Billy Brown’s Death Certificate

All in all, the patriarch owed $27,000 in medical bills at the time of his death. For Americans, this is far from a surprise. Billy’s long health struggles surely would’ve racked up massive bills. As a result, his estate stands at a value of $412,000 after such bills are paid.

Alongside his estate papers, The Sun also obtained the official death certificate of Billy Brown. Fans of the beloved television personality can now rest easy knowing that Billy was cremated on February 22.

Services for the “Alaskan Bush People” star were held in Oroville, Washington at Bergh Funeral Service around that same time. Within, Billy’s last known occupation is set as “actor” with a congruent industry in “television.”

As for his full cause of death, his death certificate lists “probable cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, and coronary artery disease” as the causes behind his fatal seizure.

Moreover, Billy suffered from emphysema and previous seizures over the course of several years. The document also lists “tobacco use” as a contributing factor to his decline and death.

While the “Alaskan Bush People” patriarch had been suffering for a number of years, his family – and the show’s crew – noted at the time of his death that they were having trouble contacting emergency services to aid Billy. Ami and Bear Brown were the first to call 911 at 4:13 P.M., saying that he “was not breathing.” A production assistant also made calls to 911.

It is unknown if Billy’s post-seizure state sans oxygen was a factor in his death, as well. After his death, however, Ami Brown held an interview with Washington police on the circumstances.