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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Tour Bear Brown’s Treehouse in 2015 Throwback

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Jacob King/PA Images via Getty Images)

“I’m going to show you the most awesome and extreme dwelling on the property!” Alaskan Bush People‘s Bear Brown promises excitedly within. “Let’s check it out!”

After climbing atop a tree-bound ladder he’s constructed himself, Bear shows off the “Bear’s nest” in this throwback from Discovery. Up high, the Brown brother has “the best views in the whole camp,” with the rest of the family’s digs visible.

In the evergreen canopy, the Alaskan Bush People star kept his “trusty sleeping bag,” which he says is “great even in below zero weather.”

“It actually has a story behind it!” Bear reveals of the artifact. “It was in Vietnam, literally!” he says of the military-grade bag. His sleeping situation is completed by some padding underneath, and the “double wide animal print pillow” Bear says he “absolutely cannot sleep without.”

Up in the fort, Bear also has hangers fixed to the trunks where he places his utilities. A water flask, his black leather bag full of fire-starting gear, and a shotgun bandolier hang in view. Then, Bear pulls out a “pride and joy” item.

“This is my all-purpose, 12-gauge shotgun! It holds more than most shotguns – seven shells, eight if I put one in the chamber,” he details, firearm in hand. No shotgun is complete for Bear Brown, however, without said bandolier. “It goes around my chest, and it’s quick for loading and putting in extra bullets. Plus, it looks awesome!”

Bear Brown Could See the Entire ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Camp From His Treehouse

But the best part of the Alaskan Bush People star‘s tree fort, he says, is the “million-dollar view!”

“You can see everything! A complete, 360-degrees viewing of the entire camp! Plus, an awesome view straight up,” he motions to the canopy. “And if something comes into the camp, I’m the first guy to know about it, and the first to respond,” he smiles, revealing his predisposition towards being the family scout.

“It’s awesome, I love it up here!” Bear decrees, before giving a grand wolf howl out into the Alaskan Bush. :I would not live anywhere else!”

In the time since, however, several family tragedies have led to the Browns having to move their home. Reportedly, the Alaskan Bush People kin bought this $2.7 million mansion several years back. They did so in order for their mother, Ami, to be close to the UCLA Medical Center as she battled cancer.

Bear Brown gives a tour of his awesome Alaskan treehouse.


During their early days in the Beverly Hills mansion, the youngest Brown daughter, Rain, would keep fans up to date on their home, as well as their mother’s condition. In this, she would often post photos of herself amidst the mansion’s deck and pool. Eldest son Matt Brown was also living with the family at the time in order to support Ami.

While many things have changed for the Alaskan Bush People, one thing remains certain: Bear Brown will always be the King of Extreme!