‘Alaskan Bush People’: Tour the Brown Family’s Reportedly $2.7 Million Mansion

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

A video has surfaced gathering photos and information about the Alaskan Bush People‘s reported $2.7 million-dollar mansion, and it may come as a shock to fans.

While longtime fans have seen glimpses of the Brown’s non-Alaskan houses, some may still be surprised to learn of this enormous Beverly Hills Mansion. The home, located in the infamous 90210 area code, has been in the family for a few years now. It entered their lives in a difficult period, too, when matriarch Ami Brown began battling lung cancer in 2017.

At the time, RadarOnline became aware of the Bush family’s “life of luxury.” Their Beverly Hills mansion boasts 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms alongside a master suite. In addition, a jacuzzi, huge backyard, and in-ground pool lend plenty of recreation options for the Alaskan Bush People stars.

If you feel you’ve seen this before, though, you’re not going crazy! Said longtime fans will also remember seeing a mansion home belonging to the Browns in 2016’s season of the show. This was not the same home, however. Then, the stars lived in a rental mansion on the outskirts of 90210.

Reportedly, the Alaskan Bush People kin bought this $2.7 million mansion in order for their mother, Ami, to be close to the UCLA Medical Center. Since the home resides in the Beverly Glen area of Beverly Hills, it is mere minutes from this hospital, where Ami received treatment.

Tour the Reported ‘Alaskan Bush People’ 90210 Mansion

Built in 1976, the home itself is a 3,382 square-foot mansion. According to RadarOnline in their 2017 coverage, the house was remodeled after being sold to an “undisclosed owner” in 2016.

Despite the circumstances, many fans will find this home shocking for the Browns. Audiences are accustomed to their Alaskan headquarters, known as “Browntown” – a far cry from this gorgeous estate!

Alaskan Bush People Beverly Hills Mansion, 2020.


As you can see above, the home’s enormous rooms, up-to-date interior, and tall windows surely make for comfortable living. A blessing for Ami while she battled cancer, for sure. A California pool and jacuzzi certainly beat trying to swim in Alaska’s frigid waters, too.

In total, the mansion has 14 rooms with a spacious backyard. The master suite also features a stand-in shower, with marble countertops and floors. As for the kitchen, it certainly looks large enough to accommodate all the Browns at once! Pristine hardwood floors are a bonus, as well.

During their early days in the Beverly Hills mansion, the youngest Brown daughter, Rain, kept fans up to date on her mother’s condition. While doing so, she would often post photos of herself amidst the mansion’s amenities. Eldest son Matt Brown was also living with the family at the time in order to support Ami.

Much has changed for the Browns since then, though. Tragically, patriarch Billy Brown’s passing in February of 2021 after years of declining health seems to have split up the family. Thankfully, however, Ami has beaten her cancer diagnosis.

As for what the future holds for the Alaskan Bush People, we’ll soon find out come Discovery’s Season 13.