‘Alaskan Bush People’: Watch Bear Brown Teach How to Make Breakfast in the Wild

by Amy Myers

We don’t know if anything will ever be “extreme” enough for Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown, but cooking indoors definitely doesn’t make the cut. On the show and on his Instagram, Brown proudly recognizes himself as the “King of Extreme.”

From scaling trees, climbing the house beams and chasing thunderstorms, Brown makes every activity exciting. His exhilarating lifestyle can sometimes be a bit unsafe, but most times, he just shows the world that everyday activities don’t have to be mundane. Cooking breakfast is no exception to this.

On a previous episode of Alaskan Bush People, Bear Brown ventured out to grab fresh eggs from the family’s chicken coop. While his family is getting comfortable in their newly constructed house, he shared, Brown preferred to cook bush-style. So, he started a big fire, grabbed a handful of eggs and began demonstrating how he prepares scrambled eggs “caveman” style.

‘Alaskan Bush Star’ Siblings Cook Breakfast Together

Joining him in his kitchen adventure is his little sister, Bird. The fellow Alaskan Bush People star presented her older brother with a cast iron pan from inside the house. Together, they began cracking eggs into the pan.

Bird carefully cracked the shells on the side of the pan and opened them with both hands.

“So delicate, the way you do it like that,” Bear commented.

Meanwhile, the King of Extreme proceeded to punch the eggs open as they splattered into the skillet.

Bird explained that her method prevented shells from getting into their scrambled eggs. Most people prefer their eggs not be crunchy, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Bear thought that wasn’t extreme enough of a breakfast.

Still, Bear considered himself one of the “best bush chefs” of the Alaskan Bush People because of his “ability to just go for it all the time.” He claimed he wasn’t afraid to throw anything on the fire and “get it nice and burned and crispy.”

He told his little sister that they were making “extreme scrambled eggs.” He chopped rapidly at the eggs in the pan with a wooden spoon. We don’t think Gordon Ramsay would approve of the technique, but hey, if it works, it works.

But the food must’ve at least smelled good, since one of the Alaskan Bush People‘s dogs came sauntering up to the fire to join in the feast. Bird and Bear gave him a small portion of their breakfast, and the three enjoyed the alarmingly grayish eggs together.

Of course, not before they spit out a few shell fragments.

“From the one you broke in there,” Bear teased his sister. “You know, if you don’t flick your wrist so much when you’re going for that break, you won’t send eggs everywhere.”