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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Watch Browns Start on Wilderness ‘Mansion’ in Throwback Clip

by Amy Myers

In 2018, the Browns of Alaskan Bush People embarked on a mission to create their family’s dream “mansion” from scratch in Washington.

No longer stationed at “Brown Town,” the family wanted a more lavish setup while still staying close to their loved ones. However, building a house is an arduous task, especially for the small team of Brown family men. We wanted to take a look back at where the magic and motivation began for such a big dream.

Keeping the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Together

In a clip on the show’s official Facebook page, patriarch Billy Brown admitted that while the plans for the new home seem like a mansion to them, the size of the home will most likely be that of a standard American’s house.

For this wild-born family, though, that’s twice the size of their previous home, which they lovingly called “Brown Town.”

Billy rattles off the expected features of their home. Along with 2,500 square-feet, the Alaskan Bush People family will also be putting in a bathroom upstairs and downstairs, “Which is something we’ve never had before,” Billy added.

The Brown sons are equally as excited to begin constructed the new home. Noah, age 28 at the time, explains that this was a long-time dream of the family.

“It was to have a large piece of property. One central house and then hallways leading off to other houses, making our own basic town,” Noah shares.

His older brother, Bam Bam, adds that the Browns’ new home design is a reflection of their family’s most “defining characteristic.”

“We are the wolf pack,” Bam Bam says proudly, “That’s not just something that we say. That really is a mentality. It’s a way of life.”

At the time the video was filmed, the Browns were working against an unforgiving timeline—the approach of winter. Noah explains that the family needed to pour the concrete and allow it to set before the temperatures begin to drop. Otherwise, the men won’t be able to continue working through the season.

“If we’re going to have the house built this year, we need this foundation done, and we need it done now,” the Browns’ middle son, Gabe, reports.

Unfortunately, the Alaskan Bush People family did not know that they were working against other, more tragic deadlines.

Remembering Billy Brown

At the end of Season 12 of Alaskan Bush People, we discovered that the 2020 wildfires consumed the family’s home in Washington. The fire devastated the property and surrounding area, forcing the Browns to move to Colorado. This wasn’t the only bad news to come.

In the beginning of the show’s Facebook clip, we hear Billy say, “I finally… I think I’ve lived long enough to pull it off.” Now, since the father’s death in February of this year, this quote seems to strike an emotional chord.

Always dedicated to his family, Billy no doubt wanted to finish this home so that he and his wife, Ami, who is currently battling lung cancer, could spend the rest of their days comfortably with their children and grandchildren. Although their time at this house was short-lived, the video serves as a tribute to the Brown family’s values.