‘Alaskan Bush People’: Watch Snowbird Open Up About Moment Her Dad Died

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

Ever since Alaskan Bush People has come back for season 13, we have been getting more and more details about the final days of Billy Brown.

On Sunday during the most recent episode of Alaskan Bush People, Snowbird Brown opened up about the tragic day that her father passed away. Tears came to her eyes as she recalled the exact moment when the family realized that Billy wasn’t going to make it. She said that the original plan was to have her father airlifted. However, that plan could not go forward because Billy’s heart was too weak. Emergency services personnel told Snowbird that she and the rest of the family should say their goodbyes while he was still alive.

“The helicopter came and they assessed it and he was too bad to take him in the helicopter,” Snowbird said. “They couldn’t continue CPR on him or take him anywhere because his heart wouldn’t beat on its own. So, they told us while he was still alive that we should say our goodbyes.”

As hard as it is for the 26-year-old and the rest of her siblings, Snowbird knows that her dad would want them to go on with the rest of their lives.

“I know dad would want for us not to be sad, and to go on,” she admitted. “But honestly going forward seems impossible because every day seems like a nightmare that I can’t wake up from. Or hell.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Says Billy Didn’t Want to Go to the Doctor

As we continue to learn more about the final days of the Alaskan Bush People patriarch, one of the things we found out is about how Billy refused to go to the doctor.

Just last week, the official Instagram account for the show posted a video that shows Snowbird and Rain talking through tears about their late father’s health.

“I know he’s been having a hard time breathing,” Snowbird told her younger sister. “I know that’s hard for him because it’s harder up here. Which is why he’s having to stay down, which I know kills him. He hates it.”

But despite Snowbird’s best efforts to convince him otherwise, Billy Brown refused to go to the doctor anymore.

“Da’s health has definitely been up and down. I’m more worried about him right now, though,” she says in the clip. “I’ve been trying to talk to him about going back to the doctor but there’s nothing that they can do. He’s been before and he just doesn’t want to go to the doctor anymore. He just wants to be at home and be with everybody.”