‘Alaskan Bush People’: Watch the Time Billy Brown Taught Gabe to Drive a Car

by Will Shepard

The popular Discovery show, Alaskan Bush People, always keeps the audience highly entertained. The show is always seemingly doing something creative and perhaps reckless.

This time though, Alaskan Bush People makes Billy Brown test his patience and teaching ability. During an episode, Billy is going to teach Gabe how to drive a car. If you’ve ever watched the show, you’ll either know this scene or know almost exactly what’s in store.

Nonetheless, Gabe hops in the driver seat of the car with Billy Brown sitting next to him. The mutton chops might somehow look even better behind the wheel of a car.

Billy Brown Teaches Gabe to Drive a Car During an Episode of “Alaskan Bush People”

Gabe is always confident that he will be great at whatever he is doing. He has this positive attitude when learning how to drive a car.

“I’ve driven boats and stuff before, you know? I’m good with a skiff. I’m thinking that I can handle this car. It’s not going to be that big a deal.”

Once he gets in the car, he tries to differentiate between his left and his right to Billy’s disbelief. Gabe immediately realizes that he might be in over his head.

“I get in, and I don’t know what anything does.” He continues asking Billy about simple things, “which one’s the go thing?”

That isn’t necessarily a discouraging start, and somehow Billy manages to stay even-keeled. But, the Alaskan Bush People star does have to explain to Gabe that he needs to keep the front of the car on the road the whole time.

Thankfully, the car isn’t a stick shift so Gabe can learn how to drive without stalling out every foot or so. Nonetheless, the driving lesson is incredibly choppy, full of the errors that any person learning to drive makes. Billy makes it all of 300 yards in the car with Gabe before he declares that he is done.

After the experience, he says that getting in the car with Gabe behind the wheel is a life-threatening situation. But, the two survive the experience and are no worse for wear. At the very least, it makes for some hilarious Alaskan Bush People television entertainment.