‘Alaskan Bush People’: Why Star Matt Brown Is in a Money Feud With His Brothers

by John Jamison

Fans of “Alaskan Bush People” know all too well the family drama that has plagued the Browns in recent months and years. Billy Brown’s tragic death aside, a rift between Matt Brown and his siblings seems to widen with each passing week. Now, it appears that the show’s former star is nearing his wit’s end negotiating with his family.

For those who have remained blissfully ignorant of the drama, here’s a quick recap. Matt Brown left “Alaskan Bush People” during Season 8, pursuing treatment for his struggles with substance abuse. His behavior and subsequent departure from the show left Matt’s relationship with the rest of the Brown family strained.

A few months ago, Matt made some serious allegations about his family and “Alaskan Bush People” on the whole. In a series of revelations, he claimed that the family misrepresented their backcountry lifestyle. He also claimed that they were withholding money he felt was rightfully his. That pushed things over the edge and kicked off a full-fledged feud.

Over the past few weeks, Matt had apparently been in contact with one of his brothers. He told him “he was talking to the rest of [Matt’s] family about getting [him] paid for working on their show.”

“I was being really cool. I deducted everything I had spent, my previous rehabs stuff like that, I was being really understanding. Trying not only just to get what’s mine but to reunite with the family. Letting them know I’m not the guy that’s off the rails anymore. And how hard I’ve worked on myself and getting over the issues from my childhood and from the time filming the show,” Matt Brown said in his Instagram video.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Comes to a Realization

Attempting to work through the feud dividing the family, Matt Brown went to see his mom. After a promising start to their meeting, one of his brothers became “combative.” According to Matt, the Brown brother told him that he doesn’t deserve any of the money from the show because he struggles with addiction.

Matt, who has gone to great lengths to better himself and sober up since leaving “Alaskan Bush People,” was triggered by the comments.

“Finally I had to get back on my bicycle and ride away. They always say stuff that isn’t true about me and my addiction. And I realize they are never going to do the right thing and I was never treated right,” Matt continued in the post.

In a way, the feud was in the making from the first season of “Alaskan Bush People.” Matt claims that the producers of the show went so far as to help him procure drugs. And apparently, Billy Brown was hoarding all of the money, to begin with.

It’s a tough situation that fans hope will be resolved soon for the sake of everyone involved.