Alec Baldwin’s Attorney Addresses Claims He Was ‘Reckless’ on ‘Rust’ Set

by Samantha Whidden

Following the news that the family of Halyna Hutchins is officially suing Alec Baldwin, his attorney Aaron Dyer addresses claims about him being “reckless” while on the Rust set.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Baldwin’s attorney speaks about Baldwin’s actions on the set. “Everyone’s hearts and thoughts remain with Halyna’s family as they continue to process this unspeakable tragedy. We continue to cooperate with the authorities to determine how live ammunition arrived on the Rust set in the first place.”

Dyer also stated that any claim that Baldwin was reckless on the Rust set is entirely false. “He, Halyna, and the rest of the crew relied on the statement by the two professionals responsible for checking the gun. That it was a ‘cold gun.’ Meaning there is no possibility of a discharge, blank, or otherwise. This protocol has worked on thousands of films, with millions of discharges. As there has never before been an incident on a set where an actual bullet harmed anyone.”

Baldwin’s attorney further declares that actors should be able to rely on armorers and prop department professionals, as well as assistant directors, to determine when a gun is safe to use. 

Halyna Hutchins’ Family Files Lawsuit Months After ‘Rust’ Set Incident

As previously reported, Hutchins died on the set of Rust after Baldwin’ fired a prop gun. However, Baldwin did not know the prop gun had a live round. In the lawsuit from Hutchins’ family, both the production and Baldwin failed to perform industry-standard safety checks. They also failed to follow basic gun safety rules. All while using real guns during the film’s production. 

In a statement about the lawsuit, Hutchins’ family declares, “Halyna Hutchins deserved to live. The Defendants had the power to prevent her death if they had only held sacrosanct their duty to protect the safety of every individual on a set where firearms were present instead of cutting corners on safety procedures where human lives were at stake, rushing to stay on schedule and ignoring numerous complaints of safety violation.”

The Hutchins’ family suit claims El Dorado Pictures, Rust Movie Productions, Short Porch Picture, and others as defendants. It lawsuit was filed on behalf of Hutchins’s husband, Matthew, and their son.

Alec Baldwin Opens Up About What Happened on the ‘Rust’ Set

Prior to the Rust lawsuit, Alec Baldwin opened up about what happened on the Rust set and his return to work. “I said I would keep a little diary while I was traveling and working. We had our first day today which is always tricky. I don’t work as much as I used to. And I’ve said this before maybe, but you go to work, and you forget what you’re supposed to do. I just was like, oh, God what do you do? What is acting or any of this nonsense that I’ve ended up doing? It’s strange to go back to work.

Alec Baldwin went on to add that he hasn’t worked since October 21, 2021. When the incident happened on the set of the western film.