Alec Baldwin Hit With Another Lawsuit Following ‘Rust’ Incident

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by MEGA/GC Images via Getty Images)

Tragedy struck the set of Rust on October 21st. Alec Baldwin was practicing drawing a revolver for a scene in the western when the prop gun fired. The round struck Halyna Hutchins, who later died from the wound. Additionally, a fragment of the round hit director Joel Souza in the shoulder. Now, weeks later, Baldwin is facing multiple lawsuits.

A week ago, Rust’s chief lighting technician filed a lawsuit claiming that they suffered an injury during the incident as well. That suit named Alec Baldwin among others. Now, the movie’s script supervisor, Mamie Mitchell is filing her own suit.

According to Deadline, Mitchell filed a suit in the Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles yesterday, November 17th. In the filing, Mitchell claims, “Alec Baldwin intentionally, without just cause or excuse, cocked and fired the loaded gun.” The suit brings some new facts to light as well. Many people knew that Baldwin was rehearsing for an upcoming scene. The lawsuit states, “…the upcoming scene to be filmed did not call for the cocking and firing of the firearm.”

Mitchell’s complaint contains claims of assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The Rust script supervisor says that Alec Baldwin “chose to play Russian Roulette with a loaded gun without checking it and without having the armorer do so.”

The suit names Alec Baldwin, first assistant director David Halls, and the production company. Additionally, Mitchell is suing the film’s armorer as well as its property master.

More About the Latest Alec Baldwin Lawsuit

Most who have followed the news of the Rust tragedy know that the assistant director claimed that it was a “cold gun.” However, Mitchell doesn’t see that as an excuse. The 29-page suit states, “Alec Baldwin should have assumed that the gun in question was loaded unless and until it was demonstrated to him or checked by him that it was not loaded,” echoing the first rule of firearms safety. The filing goes on to say that Baldwin “ had no right to rely upon some alleged statement by the Assistant Director that it was a ‘cold gun,’” and that he cannot “hide” behind that statement to excuse the fact that he didn’t confirm that the gun was, in fact, cold.

It is possible that these lawsuits are just the beginning of Alec Baldwin’s legal issues. Matthew Hutchins, widower of Halyna Hutchins recently hired a law firm. Earlier this month, the grieving husband hired the LA-based law firm Panish Shea Boyle Ravipudi. Partner Brian Panish will handle a future wrongful death lawsuit if Hutchins chooses to move forward with one.

Officials are still investigating why the prop gun was loaded with live ammo on the Rust set.