Alec Baldwin Hopes for Future Safety Regulations After ‘Rust’ Incident

by Thad Mitchell

Actor Alec Baldwin addressed the need for greater future safety regulations during an appearance at the Boulder International Film Festival. Baldwin spoke out once again on the on-set tragedy that occurred last October. It occurred during the production of “Rust,” a film he stars in.

The incident resulted in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. “Rust” director Joel Souza was also hurt in the incident. The incident allegedly involved a prop gun that Baldwin was holding, discharging and striking Hutchins and Souza.

What to Know

  • Alec Baldwin participated in a recent panel discussion at the Boulder International Film Festival.
  • The actor says greater safety precautions and protocols are a need on film sets.
  • An on-set incident involving a prop gun claimed the life of cinematographer Haylyna Hutchins.

Appearing at the film festival on Saturday, Alec Baldwin stressed the need for enhanced safety measures, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “He addressed the investigation and lawsuits surrounding the on-set shooting. The actor was also reportedly critical of some of the people filing lawsuits, saying they are “financially motivated” and are going after “deep pockets litigants.”

“From the beginning, from the moment this happened, everybody has put out — besides all the anguish and the suffering, horrible feelings we have and, of course, there are two victims and nobody else is a victim, so to speak — we have dealt with a situation where specific people are not as interested in finding out what really happened,’ he says. “What you have is a certain group of litigants on whatever side, who their attitude is, well, the people who likely seem negligent have enough money. And the people who have money are not negligent, but we’re not gonna let that stop us from doing what we need to do in terms of litigation,” he adds. “Why sue people if you’re not going to get money? That’s what you’re doing.”

During the discussion, Alec Baldwin also notes that on-set safety protocols establish a chain of command when handling weapons.

Alec Baldwin Says He Relies on Safety Experts When on Set

The “30 Rock” actor calls breaking the safety chain of command while on-set “illegal” and against the rules. He also notes no other similar incidents during his lengthy career.

“When someone whose job it is to ensure the safety of the weapon hands someone else whose job was to be the second layer of protection for safety and they hand it over to and you declare that that weapon is safe — that’s how I’ve lived my whole life,” he says. “I’ve relied on the safety experts there to declare the gun is safe and hand me the gun. Never had a problem.”

Alec Baldwins says safety is of the highest priority on a movie set. He suggests that the discussion of gun safety and protocols will remain at the forefront of the entertainment business.