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Alec Baldwin Reportedly Facing Lawsuit After ‘Rust’ Shooting

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images for National Geographic)

The tragic Rust shooting killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza last month. With the investigation moving forward, the set’s gaffer is reportedly suing Alec Baldwin and others for their negligence.

Rust’s chief lighting technician, Serge Svetnoy, is suing a variety of movie members including Alec Baldwin, the armorer (Hannah Reed), the producers, and the first assistant director (Dave Halls) for negligence. Additionally, Variety reports Svetnoy suffered an injury when the bullet almost hit him. The incident also led to “severe emotional distress.”

Svetnoy took to Facebook last month to voice his outrage, citing “negligence and unprofessionalism.” According to him, he was a mere six to seven feet from Baldwin when he pulled the trigger. Feeling a “strange and terrifying woosh” of air from his right side, the bullet narrowly missed him. He also notes feeling the gunpowder hit him in the face, etching his glasses.

Variety also has specific passages from the suit, with Svetnoy recalling the horrific incident. “As he held her, he noticed that the hand placed behind her back was becoming wet with her blood,” the suit reads. “The next 20-30 minutes felt like the longest of Plaintiff’s life as he tried to aid and comfort Ms. Hutchins, watching helplessly as her consciousness faded inexorably away.”

Though the key medic, Cherlyn Schaefer, arrived promptly, it was too late for Hutchins. After realizing what had just happened, Svetnoy broke down. “Overcome by emotion, shock, grief, trauma, and anxiety, he broke down and wept,” the suit continues.

The suit specifically accuses the named individuals of failing to properly inspect the gun. Further, it claims the film’s producers didn’t hire enough crew members to maintain a safe, secure set.

‘Rust’ Worker May Lose an Arm After a Poisonous Spider Bit Him On-Set

If recent news is anything to go by, the Rust set was dangerous in more ways than one, it seems. A poisonous spider bit one of the workers multiple times on the set and if serious enough, he may lose an arm.

Jason Miller served as a lamp operator and pipe rigger on the Rust set. While closing things down after the fatal shooting, a brown recluse bit him numerous times. Suffering necrosis and sepsis because of it, he may lose his arm if it progresses enough. His family set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help raise money for expenses.

“It will be a very long road to recovery for Jason if the medical team at Abq Lovelace is able to save his arm,” the page states. “If under worse circumstances he loses his arm, this is a life-changing and devastating event for Jason and his family.”

Luckily, as of now, more than $12,000 has been raised, much more than the initial $5,000 goal.