Alec Baldwin’s Upcoming Appearance Amid ‘Rust’ Investigation Has Social Media Fired Up

by Liz Holland

Alec Baldwin is appearing as a Special Guest Programmer for a film festival in Boulder, Colorado this March. People on Twitter are not happy about it. 

Many are asking the Boulder International Film Festival to reverse its decision to include Baldwin as a special guest. The fest will screen three films that Baldwin says have influenced him. Additionally, the 63-year-old will participate in Q&As after each screening to discuss why he chose the film. Many Twitter users are confused as to why the festival would choose Baldwin. Some pointed out it was especially odd as the festival has never previously had a “Special Guest Programmer.”

This news comes just months after the actor mistakenly shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on set for his film, “Rust.” Baldwin has maintained a low profile since the October incident, so this announcement comes as a surprise for many. The criminal investigation surrounding the “Rust” incident is still ongoing. 

Fans Sound Off On Twitter, Urge Festival to Fire Alec Baldwin

One user responded to the Tweet announcing the news, “Your film festival chose someone who shot two people and is part of an active criminal investigation to be Special Guest Programmer?”

Another follower of the fest asked, “How in the world did you think he would be welcome in a community of film makers and fans? Bad, bad, obviously bad call BIFF. Sad.”

“You don’t support filmmaking. You’re star struck,” a third user added. They pointed out that Baldwin shot multiple people on set, and one lost her life. The user suggested that the festival is disrespecting these people because they not household names like Baldwin. They continued, “Is the BIFF really this callous? I’m truly shocked. He should withdraw, or you should rescind the invitation. It’s inappropriate.”

Many others called the decision “shameful,” “embarrassing” and “disappointing.”

After the majority of the comments flooding in on the announcement were negative, the film festival limited who could interact with the Tweet.

Boulder Film Festival Limits Comments Following Backlash

 One user Tweeted at the festival, saying that the decision to limit comments after receiving criticism was in “bad taste.”

They compared the decision to hiring Baldwin in the first place. “Sort of like hiring a person in the middle of an active murder investigation. I’m sure you regret both.. Next tweet should say ‘sorry he’s fired,’” the user wrote. 

Kathy Beeck, the festival’s director, shared her thoughts with The Hollywood Reporter.

“This is our first year having a Special Guest Programmer, and it’s wonderful to be able to feature Alec Baldwin.”

She added that Baldwin is a “friend of the festival” and is “very knowledgeable about film.”

“We’re honored that this year Alec will be taking on this important role and sharing some of his favorite films with BIFF,” she later added.

Baldwin last attended the festival in 2010 where he received an award for excellence in acting. 
Baldwin reiterated in a TV interview that the gun in the scene was should have been empty. He claimed he didn’t pull the trigger. He maintained that the incident wasn’t his fault. “Someone is responsible for what happened,” Baldwin said. “It’s not me.”