Alec Baldwin Will Open Up About ‘Rust’ Incident in New Interview

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images for National Geographic)

Nearly two months after the terrifying incident on the set Rust, star of the upcoming western film Alec Baldwin is set to open up about what happened on October 12th.

As previously reported, a prop gun misfire that Baldwin was holding on the set of Rust. This caused the deadly accident at Bonanza Creek Ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Halyna Hutchins, who was the director of cinematography for the film, was killed. And the film’s director Joel Souza was critically injured. Luckily for Souza, he was discharged from the hospital nearly two weeks later.

Following the incident, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department spoke to the Rust star about what happened in full detail. The department shared at the time, “Mr. Baldwin was questioned by investigators and released. No arrests or charges have been filed.”

According to the DailyMail, Baldwin will be speaking to Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulos about what happened on the Rust set. Stephanopoulos revealed that the interview will air on Thursday (December 2nd). “As you can imagine, he was devastated,” the ABC correspondent declared. “But he was also very candid. Was very forthcoming.”

Stephanopoulos also shared that the Rust star answered every question. “He talks about Halyna Hutchins. Talks about meeting her family as well. [He] went through in detail what happened on the set that day.”

Following ‘Rust’ Deadly Incident, Search Warrant Is Seeking Information from the Person Who Provided Ammo On the Film’s Set

According to KOAT Action News, detectives from the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department are now searching an Albuquerque business that supplied the ammunition which was used on the Rust set. 

The warrant states that Seth Kenney, who is the owner of PDQ Arm and Prop in Albuquerque, contacted law enforcement at the end of October. He told them he suspected the live ammunition on the Rust set may have been handmade reloaded rounds. He received those years ago from a friend, who happens to be The Reed. The father of Hannah Gutierrez-Feed, the armorer of the Rust set. 

Reed shared with deputies that he worked with Kenney on a movie set. The two worked together in August and September. Reed then discloses that during the production, there was training provided to the actors for live fire with firearms. The training was done at a firearms range.

Reed further states that Kenney asked him to bring live ammo in the event that they run out. He reveals that he brought an “ammo can” which had live ammunition. The ammo was not “factory-made” rounds, Reed shares.

Following the conclusion of the production, Reed explains that Kenney took the ammo can and remaining ammo to New Mexico. The can still had a .45 caliber colt ammunition in it.

KOAT’s legal expert John Day observed that law enforcement is getting closer to literally a smoking gun. “The investigation is unfolding. It’s probably not the last we’ve seen of search warrants. More information is coming in.”