‘All in the Family’ Star Rob Reiner Revealed Hilarious ‘Secret’ to Long Marriage

by Chris Haney

During a past interview, All in the Family star Rob Reiner shared a hilarious “secret” to a long marriage that he learned from his late mother.

In 2014, Reiner sat down to talk about his newest movie, And So It Goes. Likewise, the famous director has created numerous other romantic comedies during his career. One of the most popular starred Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in 1989’s When Harry Met Sally.

Fans of the hit movie know one scene particularly well. While Crystal and Ryan are in a deli eating, the pair begin to argue with each other. That’s when Ryan’s character fakes an orgasm in the middle of the deli to prove her point. Reiner’s mother, who passed away at age 94 in 2008, delivers the following hysterical line, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Reiner’s mother will forever be linked to the famous quote. However, the filmmaker says his mom revealed an equally great line in real life pertaining to successful, long marriages.

“When they were married for 60 years, they had celebrated their anniversary. Somebody asked her, ‘What’s the secret to being married for 60 years?’ She said, ‘You have to find someone who can stand you. Not somebody you can put up with, but someone who can stand you,'” Reiner hilariously explained to AARP.

‘All in the Family’ Star Shares Details of Odd Annual Anniversary Ritual

While sharing stories in the same interview, the former All in the Family star opened up about the unusual gift he gave his parents on their anniversary each year.

Reiner’s mother, Estelle, passed away in 2008 as mentioned. Additionally, his late father Carl Reiner, who also acted and directed, sadly passed away this past June at the age of 98. Yet the couple’s almost 65-year marriage was always a constant inspiration for his many love-based stories he told within his rom-com movies.

During the interview, Reiner spoke about love and suggested that couple’s create a ritual that only the two of you share together. Reiner even began one specific, albeit strange, tradition between his parents.

“I actually started one of these rituals on [my parents’] anniversary,” Reiner explained. “Their anniversary was on Christmas Eve — that was the day they got married. And I would give them a little tin of caviar.”

Although the caviar isn’t exactly weird, his parents added another item to their annual anniversary meal that sounds less than desirable. Even during the last 12 years of his father’s life without his beloved wife, Carl Reiner would still keep the tradition alive.

“They would always buy some tongue to go along with it,” Rob Reiner said. “I know, I know. They bought that from the deli, and that is what they would do. My dad misses her like crazy. He talks about her all the time.”