Alyssa Milano Offers Update On Her Uncle’s Condition after the Two Were in Serious Car Accident

by Michael Freeman

Alyssa Milano reported being in a car accident with her uncle a week ago. Milano posted a video to her TikTok account Monday and provided an update on his condition.

Suffering a heart attack while driving Milano to a doctor’s appointment, her uncle, Mitch Carp, is “still in and out of consciousness.”

Milano explains in the update her uncle was driving her to her appointment because of a ringing in her ears. She reported having COVID-19 last year and the ringing is an aftereffect. Carp lost consciousness while driving due to experiencing a heart attack. Leading to “some of the most horrifying moments,” according to Milano, their car hit an SUV in another lane and shortly stopped afterward.

“Uncle Mitch is still in and out of consciousness. He is on life support. My brother went there yesterday and played him some ‘oldies’ and his whole body started moving, so he really loved that.”

Additionally, Alyssa Milano made sure to thank the nurses and doctors at UCLA Medical Center, where Carp is staying.

“The nurses at the UCLA Medical Center and the doctors are taking such incredible care of Uncle Mitch, but he’s got a long road ahead of him. He spiked a fever last night of 103, so we think that there is an infection that he is also beating throughout all of this. But he is a fighter, Uncle Mitch is a fighter, and the doctors say that every day is a miracle that he still hangs on.”

Finally, Milano strongly urges everyone to get trained in CPR. She performed CPR on her uncle while they were on the side of the road, helping save his life. She also encourages people to be “good Samaritans” and help if they see someone struggling or in pain.

Alyssa Milano On Her Battle With COVID

Last year, Alyssa Milano reported contracting COVID-19 and detailed her struggles on the “Dr. Oz Show.” Noting stomach issues, “a headache like I’ve never felt before in my life,” hair loss, and overwhelming fatigue, she became increasingly concerned.

“It’s hard, especially when you’re an actor and so much of your identity is wrapped up in those things like having long silky hair and clean skin. As someone who has to memorize dialogue and be able to emote and respond and be on my toes, it’s frightening.”

Despite her intense symptoms, Milano felt it prudent to share her experience and warn people about how serious it can be.

“I felt that there were a lot of conflicting opinions about what was going on and how severe the virus was and whether or not you should wear a mask or not wear a mask… and so I felt that it was important to share my experience so that people could understand the severity of what it is.”

Though still experiencing mild side effects, Milano is much better now.