‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr. Captures Adorable Meeting Between His Dog and Horse

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)

The “American Chopper” star shares the cutest video of his dog and horse. Who knew Paul Teutul Sr. could get all warm and fuzzy.

Paul Teutul Sr. is living the farm life. The “American Chopper” star and founder of “Orange County Choppers” shows the softer sides of his personality on social media. Giving fans a taste of what life is like outside of the shop, Teutul posts about his family, friends, and animals.

In his most recent post, the “American Chopper” shares a cute interaction between his dog Chester and horse named Soldier. Chester wags his tail at Soldier, standing on his hind paws against the horse gate. He sniffs the horse and kisses him, with an expression on his face that wants to play. Solder is hilariously still and seems unbothered by the pup’s affection as he eats his food.

Paul Teutul Sr. writes a funny caption. “Chester is trying to find someone who will play with him, cow’s r next” it reads. Fans are enjoying the “American Chopper” star’s personal life updates, and are commenting on his new video.

“He’s gotten so big! He such a love” one fan says about Chester.

“Farm dogs are the best dogs” another writes.

Will we continue to see this softer side of Paul Teutul Sr.? Only time will tell.

The “American Chopper” Turned Bar Owner

Yes, Paul Teutul Sr. is enjoying a more relaxed farm lifestyle in Florida. However, he is now the owner of a motorcycle bar and museum! OCC Road House & Museum is located in Clearwater, Florida. The motorcycle-themed bar features vintage bikes and motorcycle memorabilia in an 11,000 square-foot space. It is also an entertainment venue that books live bands and wrestling events.

“Get ready to rev your engines, sip some cold brews and hit the open road at OCC Road House & Museum,” the website states.

The bar receives 4.5 stars on Google ratings and is beloved by fans for its atmosphere and food. Serving twists on American fare, Florida residents call the venture a success. The point of the restaurant is to share a snippet of Paul Teutul Sr.’s career and the motorcycle scene itself.

“I just think what we’re bringing together with this restaurant concept, the motorcycle culture that’s already here [Florida], and Paul’s incredible notoriety, this thing can’t fail,” co-owner Keith “KO” Overton says.

For Paul, the move to Florida was an easy decision. Although he loves New York, he believes there is an audience for him and his work down South. There is also something he does not miss about the Big Apple.

“Especially in the winter, I’m not going to miss it [New York],” Teutul Sr. says.