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‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr. Feeds His Horse in Wholesome Update: ‘Like a Pet Dog’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Ray Tamarra/Getty Images)

Despite his tough outer shell and his stoic appearances on screen, “American Chopper” star Paul Teutul Sr. is actually quite the sweetheart. If you follow the custom bike designer on Instagram, then you’re familiar with his love of animals.

From cows to dogs to horses, the iconic “tough guy” shares lots of sweet tributes to his animals on Instagram. The latest post features the “American Chopper” star feeding his horse a special carrot juice, the sweet drink dripping from the hooved creature’s nose. Overall, the silly creature embodies the softer side of Paul Teutul Sr.

The silly horse laps up the orange liquid, all the while looking around and presumably dripping the drink all over the star. “Have some more,” Sr. laughs. “I’m surprised you’re not swallowing that right down.”

While it appears the “American Chopper” star had no qualms about spending time with the spoiled horse, fans shared their love in the comments, complimenting Sr.’s love and care for the creature.

“[W]e get so attached to our furry family members,” one follower wrote, which clearly holds truth in watching the short clip. “Only slightly bigger than a Great Dane,” jokes another follower, referencing Teutul’s comment that the horse acts just like a dog.

Dog indeed. Teutul’s horse is smitten with him.

“American Chopper” Star’s Horse Has Debuted on Instagram Before

While this sweet boy made an appearance today, an earlier post on Paul Teutul Sr.’s page has helped Outsiders identify the horse as Soldier. The white horse with black specks apparently loves affection, definitely taking on that “dog-like” personality that the “American Chopper” star highlighted today.

Previously, the star shared a post of his girlfriend Joan loving up on Soldier and it’s definitely the sweetest thing you could look up today. However, what makes the video even sweeter is the soundtrack to which Teutul set the clip.

Playing in the background as Soldier snuggles his human companion plays the song, “Lean On Me.” To which the horse does not hesitate, his head resting comfortably on Joan’s shoulder.

“That’s our boy Soldier,” Teutul captioned the post.

To which “American Chopper” fans were quick to share the love.

“Soldier is loving the love,” wrote one of the star’s followers. “Big love from Austria,” shared one of our Outsiders from across the pond.

Teutul’s Dog Chester Gets Creative with a Cool Down

Horses are definitely a favorite animal of the “American Chopper” star. However, dogs seem to come in at a close second.

The star has previously shared a collection of posts featuring both his own pups as well as some other interesting canines.

Several weeks ago, before fall had really kicked off, Teutul and his pups apparently suffered an intense heatwave. To combat the heat, the “American Chopper” frontman’s dog, Chester, took a dip in one of Teutul’s tractor buckets which had happened to fill with water.

“[L]ucky thing the bucket had water in it,” the star captioned the post. Meanwhile, Chester didn’t seem too discontent that his pool went unfilled once he located the makeshift pool in the bucket.