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‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr. is Living His Best Life with His Two Dogs

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Jason Kempin/FilmMagic)

Yeah, things are pretty good for Paul Teutul Sr of American Chopper. Things are pretty good, indeed. Wednesday, he shares a day in his life where his two large dogs are rolling around wrestling one another. His caption for the incident is simply, “They do this all day.” That’s what happens when you get two fun pups together that are full of energy. They play and play and play and play some more. This is what makes dogs the best. It really can be so fun and relaxing just to sit in a comfy chair and watch two pups wrestle with one another for hours on end. Sometimes, it’s the little things, indeed.

Life is good.

Now 72-years-young, the American Chopper star is staying busy. He is not just documenting the daily wrestling matches between his adorable pups, no. He’s got other things to do, too.

This summer, he opened a new restaurant and museum in Tampa, Florida. He tweeted about the spot at the time saying, “OCC will never forget. This display is worth the trip from anywhere and is very moving and special. Sr is proud to share this with all the Road House guests.”

The OCC Roadhouse and museum has everything you might imagine. He has food, motorcycle memorabilia, live shows, you name it that spot has it.

He was quoted by the Tampa Bay Times saying, “I kept every piece of memorabilia over the last 20 years, the original sign when we first opened a motorcycle business, everything you could possibly think of.”

It’s safe to say he is staying busy, but he is also enjoying the finer things in life. Just the other day the American Chopper star shared a view from his porch that is about any fellow Outsider’s dream. Just a gorgeous view from a man at peace in the world. We’re all jealous of that kind of view and serenity out there in the wilderness where everything is calm and gorgeous. You can also tell just how much he loves his two pups. Dogs really are the best, aren’t they? And his two big dogs have all the energy in the world to provide the best kind of social media content for all the dog lovers out there.

Why open a new restaurant and museum in Clearwater, Florida? Well, after closing the headquarters down up in New York, Teutul Sr. moved everything south as one usually does when one gets tired of those Northern winters. The relocation made since, even though he created it early on when American Choppers was thriving on television.