‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr. Shows Off His Workout as He Reflects on Sobriety

by Matthew Memrick

For “American Chopper” star Paul Teutul Sr., becoming sober 36 years ago and picking up weights showed him he could be successful in life.

Teutul Sr. said it was essential to have a routine and be consistent as he pumped iron recently. He showed off his fantastic bicep for a few curls.

“American Chopper” Star Was A Drinker

The 72-year-old former New Yorker told CNN about his struggles in 2014.

“Back in the day, I kinda started early-drinking and getting high,” he said. “If drinking was in the Olympics, I would have been a gold medalist.”

Teutul fought a family history of alcohol addiction and said most of them died from drinking. The same started happening to him as he said it eventually took over his life completely.

The “American Chopper” star ran a business with a drinking partner and realized the risks of losing everything if he kept drinking. He decided to go to a 12-step program. His partner did not and died early.

He said he went nine years scared of a meeting. He said the first two years were tough as he had many hard-drinking friends around.

Teutul Sr. said if he could quit drinking, anyone can.

“American Chopper” Star Turned To The Weights

Senior told Muscle and Fitness he bought a bench and plastic weights after getting sober.

He said he had lifted weights before getting into drugs, but ultimately, it was something he enjoyed doing. It became his new addiction and stress-reliever. He said because he was into steel fabrication, building the equipment was natural.

“I had every piece of equipment you possibly could imagine,” Teutul Sr. said.

The star committed to his workout routine and put on 30 pounds in four or five months.

“It was all muscle because I was very lean,” he said.

In 2008, the star said he worked out for 45-minutes daily at noon.

He’s changed his workout at times. In the 1990s, he said he’d go swim for 30 minutes while using a hot tub and steam room.

But the “American Chopper” star said it was harder to keep up that routine as he got older.

“It’s good to have goals, ” Teutul Sr. said. “But I don’t have that demand on myself like I used to.

In 2011, the star’s name was among the records of a Florida doctor and steroid dealer. The Albany Times-Union said Teutel Sr. declined to comment through his manager at the time. 

However, in the CNN interview, Teutul Sr. said his life was an “open book.”

He said he’s heard people turn their lives around from his story, saying, “I don’t have a problem with sharing anything.”