‘American Chopper’: Paul Teutul Sr. Takes a Brutal Hit to the Nose in His New Video

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Donna Ward/Getty Images)

When you see “American Chopper” star Paul Teutul Sr. walking into a hanging flower pot on video, you have to wonder if he meant to share it.

Or, if Senior was having a Senior moment and it was too good not to share with his Instagram followers.

On Saturday night, a security camera caught the master bike maker walking into a plant. Sure, he was probably deep in thought right before that moment. The pot catches the bridge of his nose, and Senior casually walks away and likely to his car.

Over 11,000 people watched the 10-second clip at likely his Brooksville, Fla. farm. You have to wonder if the “American Chopper” star could have added a sound effect or the Benny Hill theme song to it.

One Instagram friend joked, “Have the boys fly in and blow it up like the old days lol.”

Magazine Ranked Eight OCC Bikes

Recently, HotCars magazine compiled a list of bikes they liked from the OCC and Paul Jr. Design shops.

While the “American Chopper” show ended in 2010, the magazine took a look at 11 custom rides that bear the brand of Orange County Choppers or Paul Jr. Designs.

Of them, folks have to see a custom NRA trike again. OCC built the bike with a custom-engraved .44 magnum Henry Lever Action Big Boy. Paul Sr. and his guys also make an exhaust system with rifle and ammo footpegs. Other customized bike features include the U.S. Constitution on the left fender, the American flag on the right fender, and the bald eagle atop the front wheel. 

The magazine also features OCC’s custom Christopher Reeves Wheelchair Trike, the gnarly United States Marine Corp Trike, and the longtime featured Oscar Mike Bike with a Sidecar. The Illinois-based Oscar Mike nonprofit foundation supports injured veterans.

But if you do start in on the “American Chopper” stars’ bikes, you most certainly have to go to Paul Jr.’s bikes at the end. His Gears of War Trike came out to go with the 2011 Gears of War 3 video game release, and man, it’s something else.

Gamers at the San Diego Comic-Con that year loved it. The bike featured crash bars to deal with locusts, push-pull steering, nickel-plated skulls, and one impressive gun, a Gatling gun for the exhaust that faced forward.

Senior Catches Mikey in Karaoke Song

Why do I say Mikey was behind Senior’s video share? Well, he did catch his “American Chopper” star son on video singing Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore” and shared it last week.

The men have shared fun-loving moments of pranks over the years. In September, Senior shocked himself with a toy gun and was egged on by Mikey to do it.

But whatever it is, they should keep it up. That’s some free social media entertainment right there. With, or without “American Chopper” on TV.