‘American Chopper’: Paul Teutul Sr. Has a Pretty Unique Friend to Enjoy His Morning Coffee With

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jeffrey Ufberg/WireImage)

As followers to “American Chopper” star Paul Teutul Sr.’s Instagram know, the television personality has quite a passion for animals. Frequently, the star shares photos of his four-legged friends that now populate his Floridian home. Most include his beloved horses and canines. However, in his most recent post, we caught the star sharing morning coffee with one unique friend.

While the photo isn’t super clear, we see a rather large cardinal peering out at us as the sun rises. The “American Chopper” star shares that the bright red creature tends to join him each morning. As far as sunrise companions go, I think I’d take a cardinal over most anything any day.

Fans took to the comments to share their thoughts regarding Teutul’s morning companion. “That bird is big,” pointed out one of the “American Chopper” star’s followers. “That means an angel is visiting,” one of the star’s other fans suggested.

Others shared their love for the natural setting, taking in the bright sunny morning of the photo as Outsiders like myself begin to see temperatures drastically dropping ahead of the holidays.

Nevertheless, whether enjoying a cup of coffee alongside a feathered friend or on his back porch, we can be sure the “American Chopper” star is living his best life down in Florida.

“American Chopper” Icon Lives His Best Life in Florida

For years, Paul Teutul Sr. ran his bike shop out of the frigidly cold state of New York. Now, after relocating to the Sunshine State, the star continues to share scenic photos and videos from his new home. However, among all his posts, one in particular caught our attention as the “American Chopper” star shared footage of the mountainside that borders his new property.

While the clip was posted to Teutul’s account several weeks ago, we can be sure the weather surrounding the star’s new home bodes much more gently than it did when Orange County Choppers was set in New York.

The “American Chopper” icon’s clip shows lush green trees gently swaying as the breeze pushes them into motion on the nearby mountainside. Fans took to the comments to express their envy and share their positive thoughts with Sr. and express well wishes.

“Beautiful place,” commented one of the star’s followers, while another added, “Encountering a moment of Zen!”

Speaking of zen, it appears that since Sr.’s relocated to Florida, he’s endeavored in experiencing life at much slower pace. Always up to share his adventures on social media, one of the “American Chopper” star’s most recent posts sees Sr. “meditating” alongside his sleepy bulldog.

Overall, it would be an understatement to say the star’s method of meditating is unconventional. However, at 72 years old, the “American Chopper” star has more than earned his relaxation.