‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Jr. Poses for Legendary American Flag Pic at Car Show

by Matthew Memrick

“American Chopper” star Paul Teutul Jr. posted for an awe-inspiring photo with the American Flag at a Saturday car show.

Junior was the featured guest for September at the Pottstown Night Car Show. The TV star and motorcycle designer asked fans to come out and say hi. 

Facebook fan Michelle Lynn met the star and posted with him for a photo.

She said, “Thank you for coming out to this event! It was great meeting you and your family!”

In another fun Instagram photo, Teutul Jr. posed with a cutout of Betty White in front of Pottstown’s Very Best Weiner Shop. 

Red Horse Motor Club sponsored the show and coaxed Teutul Jr. to take the almost three-hour drive from New York.

‘American Chopper’ Star Teutul Jr. Opening More Shop Locations

Earlier this summer, Teutul Jr. announced he is opening three Paul Jr. Designs locations in the New York tri-state area. The unofficial announcement came around his dad’s, Paul Teutul Sr.’s Florida shop/museum move.

The fan account said Teutul Jr. had the original Montgomery shop with a second in Ship Bottom on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. The star later said the location would be for retail only.

One Twitter fan congratulated Junior. He said, “Congratulations @WhereIsPaulJr I know this building. It used to be a Delicatessen & Bakery.”

In the Tweet, the fan said an unknown third location was in the works.

‘American Chopper’ Star Helps Son Get To Bus

Teutul Jr. posted a picture of his son walking to the bus this past week. Hudson Teutul’s first day of the first grade had arrived, and his dad was sharing the proud photo on Instagram. The two walked to the school bus.

Dad and Paul Jr. Designs owner joked that he and his wife, Rachel, may have followed the school bus to school that day. He used the hashtag #crazyparents.

Over 10,000 fans loved the post.

Another fan commented, “We have a tracker in our kids backpack when he is at school.” The fan used the hashtag #crazierparents.

The “American Chopper” star quickly responded where to get one and got a great response. The fan said he used a device called TrackI and he uses it for his autistic son.

“But it’s a good idea for all kids, no matter the age when ya wanna be a nosy parent,” Chuck Schmidt said. 

‘American Chopper’ Dad and Son Ham It Up

On Saturday, Paul Teutul Sr. took a photo with another son, Mikey. The two posed for an Instagram photo. Dad captioned it, “Twins everybody loves Mikey.”

Both men wore “Oscar Mike” T-shirts. The T-shirt line caters to bikers and enthusiasts with American Made Apparel. The Oscar Mike Foundation works to provide resources for injured veterans.