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‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr.’s View From Porch Is Every Outdoorsman’s Dream

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Eugene Gologursky/WireImage)

“American Chopper” star Paul Teutul Sr. previously ran his shop, Orange County Choppers, out of the cold northern state of New York. However, in recent months, the custom bike designer moved his shop and family to the much warmer state of Florida. And judging by his Instagram posts lately, it appears the star has quickly adapted to the new environment down south.

Teutul Sr.’s most recent post captures the stunning view from his backyard and the lush green mountains strike envy in the hearts of outdoorsmen everywhere. Sr. captioned the post, “Getting to be that time of the year again,” and we’re assuming he’s referring to the even breeze accompanying the view.

However, while here in Northeast PA, temperatures have finally begun to fall resulting in cold rains and colder winds, the FL breeze promises to be much kinder.

The “American Chopper” star’s followers expressed their thoughts in the comments.

“Beautiful place 👍,” commented one of Sr.’s followers. Another said, “Encountering a moment of Zen!” and in that, there’s much truth. There’s not much more this Outsider loves than a quiet day surrounded by gentle breezes and woodsy smells.

However, as Sr. winters along the Atlantic, it will be interesting to see how the “American Chopper” star fares versus his many winters spent in NY.

“American Chopper” Tough Guy Shows Horse Extra Love

While Sr. spent Sunday taking in the beautiful afternoon breeze, he recently shared an update about his beloved horse, Soldier, to his social media page as well. And in it, we caught a glimpse of the softer side of “American Chopper” icon, Paul Teutul Sr.

His post captures time spent with the white-lashed horse as the hooded creature laps up a bowl of carrot juice. Most horses spend their day eating hay and grain, at least in my own experience. However, Teutul’s horse seems pleasantly spoiled as the custom bike designer holds the bowl from which the horse can drink without having to strain his neck.

“[H]e’s like a pet dog,” Sr. remarks in the earlier post. The silly horse spends several minutes lapping up the orange drink, splashing Sr. and himself both with the bright-colored liquid. As the equine looks around, Sr. encourages Soldier, “Have some more,” chuckling to himself as the horse makes a mess.

It additionally appears as though Soldier the horse holds a special place in Teutul’s heart himself. An even earlier post captured Teutul Sr.’s girlfriend Joan loving on the horse. The pair cuddle and give each other attention as the hit song, “Lean On Me,” plays on in the background.

Between the two posts, it’s easy to see how deeply the horse is cared for and nourished and definitely contradicts the “American Chopper” star’s hard outer appearance.