‘American Choppers’: Here’s Paul Teutel Sr.’s Net Worth in 2021 After Bankruptcy and Legal Issues

by Shelby Scott

“American Choppers” star Paul Teutel Sr. has faced a lot of ups and downs since the show ended in 2010. Its initial airing saw an average of three million viewers in its prime. However, the show’s end has since seen Teutel Sr. in a world of financial trouble according to the Daily Voice. 2018 peaked with the “American Choppers” star filing for bankruptcy. Because of this, fans became interested as to the man’s networth.

Teutel’s legal troubles were a result of multiple lawsuits. Between that and the show’s end, it led to him filing for bankruptcy. A February 2020 report by Page Six said Sr. was to pay a photographer over $258,000 in a single suit. Another lawsuit took place earlier in 2017 involving a former business partner.

Further, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Sr. previously claimed over $1 million in debt while only bringing in a monthly income of around $15,000. After working the numbers, news outlets revealed that the star had to sell his New York mansion. He also sold several boats, an ATV, a bulldozer, and a John Deere tractor to cover his debts.

The outlet concluded that, because of these numbers, the star’s net worth amounts to a relatively minimal $500,000. This compares to other documentary-type show stars such as the History Channel‘s “Swamp People” star, Troy Landry who currently possesses a net worth of $2 million.

Interestingly, however, despite Teutel’s financial troubles, he has managed to keep his Orange County Choppers shop in business.

Paul Teutel Sr. Takes ‘American Choppers’ to Florida

Teutel Sr. clearly struggled financially over the last few years. However, he nevertheless managed to keep Orange County Choppers afloat. Of everything, it is definitely what lies most closely to him of his assets. Following the star’s recent move to Florida, Teutel has embarked on a new venture. The star has named the new venture the “OCC Roadhouse and Museum.” The star’s taken on this new project with a new business partner, Kieth Overton.

Supposedly, the new venture will be a hopping place, holding a restaurant that will feature a live music venue. Additionally, the restaurant pairs with a museum that, once completed, will show off a collection of Teutel Sr.’s custom bikes. So hopefully, the “American Choppers” star’s new venture helps him climb out of the rough patch he has experienced lately and reconnect with his love for custom bike creation in a new environment.

Further, the OCC move to Florida saw rumors that it would receive coverage by the “American Choppers” production crew. So fans of Teutel and OCC may soon get a new perspective into the custom bike builder’s business and life overall. As of now, nothing has been set in stone but, nevertheless, the Sr. and his OCC business seems to slowly be on the rise after years of hardship.