‘American Choppers’ Legend Paul Teutul Sr. Hilariously Speaks on a ‘Mad’ Photo of Himself

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)

Throughout the years, the folks at American Choppers have wowed and impressed with their custom motorcycles. While the series has been off and on through the years Discovery Channel brought it back in 2018 and had the Last Ride special last August.

Everyone who knows the Teutul family knows that they are a bit intense. There is usually some kind of yelling or drama going on at the shop. Over on his Instagram, Paul Teutul Sr. shared a picture of himself. He has that iconic mustache and his right arm tattoo showing. The glare he is giving in the photo is one that fans are very familiar with.

Over the years the Teutul family has not been on the best of terms. Paul Sr. and Paul Jr., referred to as Paulie or Junior, have not had the greatest relationship. And, despite the look on Senior’s face in the Instagram post, he insists he is not upset. The American Choppers star captioned the photo “I look mad in this picture, but I’m really not.” Over the years he has often been accused of being angry. However, that could just be his general demeanor.

The intensity of American Choppers and the various spinoff shows made it compelling television. So many reality shows seem to be scripted or forced. Viewers never really got that from the show though. Unfortunately, that also means that the drama is…real. So, the family has had its ups and downs over the years.

‘American Choppers’ In Recent Years

As far as the show goes, American Choppers did get a revival in 2018 that ran into 2019. Back in August of 2020, the show got a special. American Chopper: The Last Ride which featured Paul Senior and Junior. It was the first time the two worked on a bike together in over 10 years. The special was a lot of the same drama from the original series. Orange County Choppers and Paul Junior Designs came together to build a bike for ABC Supply Company.

While the two butted heads pretty hard, it wasn’t all bad. After a rough patch that included Paul Sr. refusing to allow his son to have creative control, the two got the bike built. The two had only eight weeks to get the build finished. In the end, Junior was happy to have spent good, quality time with his dad.

Since Senior and Junior built bikes for businesses, celebrities, and more. Now, the two spend their days customizing bikes off camera. Although Paul Sr. and Paulie are the main focus of the drama there is another brother. Mikey has helped his dad and brother many times throughout the years. However, despite his best efforts, Mikey and his pleas for peace were usually overshadowed in the series.