‘American Choppers’ Star Paul Teutal Sr. All Smiles Putting Legendary Mustache, Tattoos on Display in New Pic With One ‘Cool Dude’

by Shelby Scott

Tattoos, sunglasses, and a badass mustache – the trappings of a truly lean, mean biker. Although this time around it seems “American Choppers” star Paul Teutal Sr. made one slight addition to his overtly threatening persona. And that could only mean – an overly happy, helmet-bedecked pupper?

Yes ma’am, Paul Sr. is all smiles in his latest Instagram post during a recent autograph session. With his iconic mustache and tattoos on display, Teutal posed with a four-legged fan, captioning his post, “Doing a[n] autograph session at the restaurant last night and I met this cool dude.” We’re not sure what cool dude’s name is, or even what kind of dog he is. However, based on his classic leather look, Harley helmet, and intense gaze, we can correctly assume he’s a true member of the “American Choppers” fan club.

Check out Teutal’s post below to see the star’s iconic mustache and even more iconic new friend.

The ‘American Choppers’ Star is Not As Tough As He Seems

As reflected in his latest Instagram post, Teutal is simply not the badass biker fans might make him out to be. Since he has a soft spot for less-than-gorgeous dogs, it’s no surprise the “American Choppers” star has a major soft spot for his beautiful little granddaughter.

An earlier Instagram post shows Teutal Sr. standing beside a chopper, sporting a Harley-Davidson ballcap backward, sunglasses, and, of course, his famous mustache. He grins as he holds his blonde-haired, blue-eyed granddaughter who balls her hand into a tiny fist.

Conversely, she sports denim bubble shorts, a pale blue tee, and a golden bow. Truly the sweetest fashion statement. And if she’s anything like her Grandpa, she already loves “American Choppers.”

What is the Mustachioed Star Doing Now?

Unfortunately for “American Choppers” fans, Teutal’s show only lasted a brief seven years, airing on the Discovery Channel between 2003 and 2010. In the decade+ since the show’s final season, Teutal and his family remain far from idle.

Since its final run, the “American Choppers” star has been able to keep his business with Orange County Choppers up and running in New York. However, the crew moved their operation to Clearwater, Florida more recently, following Teutal’s conclusion that he and other bikers have a lot more freedom down south.

A 2020 Zoom interview with WKRG revealed that the tight-knit family does plan to spur more new episodes of “American Choppers” down on the Gulf Coast once they get settled at their new headquarters. However, despite that Sr. and Jr. managed to patch things up at the end of the series, his son decided not to make the move.

While Teutal said he had several reasons for moving OCC down south, one of the prominent and more logical reasons is that bikers have a much longer riding season in Florida than they do in New York. While Florida weather permits riding for about 9 or 10 months, Teutal shared that New York riders only get maybe three good months out of the year.

With lots of changes concerning Teutal Sr. and his family, we are excited to see where “American Choppers” goes from here.