‘American Idol’ Facing Heavy Fan Backlash Over Fan-Favorite Getting Voted Off While Season 18 Contestant Returns

by Clayton Edwards

American Idol fans are in an uproar after the latest episode. After losing fan favorites in favor of a returning contestant, they took to Twitter to voice their frustrations. In fact, some Idol fans are calling the results of Sunday’s show unfair.

It really started back in April. American Idol decided to bring back ten contestants from last year’s season. Those contestants weren’t able to perform on-stage because of COVID-19. Both Ryan Seacrest and Katy Perry have said that what happened to the contestants last year was unfair. However, many fans thought that bringing them back was also unfair.

Their big complaint was that they were brought back late in the season. So, the competition is stiffer for those who have worked hard to get where they are this year. Several people argued that bringing them back earlier in the season would have been fine.

After Sunday’s American Idol broadcast, those fans who were critical of the move feel vindicated. Three fan favorites – Cassandra Coleman, Deshawn Goncalves, and Alyssa Wray – were voted off the show. However, Arthur Gunn, last season’s runner-up, came back Sunday and made it to the Top 7. Fans are less than pleased by these results.

Fans React to Sunday’s ‘American Idol’

The judges loved all of the fan favorites’ performances on Sunday’s Disney-themed American Idol show. After Wray performed “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from Cinderella, they all celebrated the performance. Luke Bryan called the performance a “work of art.” Ryan Seacrest said that a new “princess star” had been born. However, voters apparently didn’t agree.

One Twitter user pulled no punches in her critique of the show. She tweeted, “I still don’t understand why Arthur Gunn is in the Top 10, or even why’d they even take him back? Are y’all trippin’? He was last year’s runner-up. How is that even okay? #AmericanIdol really ruined it this year.”

For one American Idol fan, words alone wouldn’t do it. They added a clown image to their tweet.

Many American Idol fans were particularly upset about Cassandra Wray being voted off. Several fans took to Twitter to say that she was “robbed” due to Gunn’s return. One Twitter user tweeted directly to Wray with some encouraging words. “You are just getting started. Remember, Jennifer Hudson was voted off too, and look where she went.”

You’d be hard-pressed to find any American Idol fans on Twitter who had anything good to say about Sunday’s results. However, those who weren’t angrily tweeting about the results were gushing over Katy Perry’s amazing Tinkerbell cosplay. So, there was at least one silver lining for the night.