‘American Idol’ Finale: Music Director Kristopher Pooley Reveals Season Ending Details

by Joe Rutland

A dose of country music will be present in Sunday’s “American Idol” season finale and musical director Kristopher Pooley is all ready for it.

Chayce Beckham, who brings a country music flavor as one of the three finalists, gets kudos from Pooley in an article from The Boot.

“Chayce is special in a lot of ways,” Pooley said. “Musically, (Beckham) can connect to a story, he can tell a story and he has a story. He’s also a genuinely nice guy who comes into a room and looks everyone in the eye and knows everyone’s name.”

‘American Idol’ Musical Director Believes Beckham Will Go Far In His Career

Pooley said Beckham has the talent to go a long way in his career. “He’ll also stick around because he treats everyone with so much respect,” Pooley adds.

Besides Beckham, the two other “American Idol” finalists are Willie Spence and Grace Kintsler.

It will be quite a duel as these three will duke it out for the victory. Judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan will have to make a tough call. Host Ryan Seacrest will oversee the festivities.

This is the fourth season of the “Idol” reboot on ABC. Obviously, the original show aired on Fox between 2002 and 2016. The show developed quite a cult following during that incarnation.

But Pooley is going to be directing the three-hour finale on ABC. Special guests like Luke Combs, Sheryl Crow, and Mickey Guyton are expected to perform on the show. If you tune in, though, then expect more musical stars to appear as it usually brings out musical performers from all types of music

You can catch the “American Idol” season finale on Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, on ABC.

Former ‘Idol’ Finalist Recovering From Brain Cancer Diagnosis

While we’re talking about finalists on “American Idol,” one of those who made it into the final 8 a few years ago has faced a health scare.

Avalon Young, who appeared in the 15th season of the original “Idol” show, is putting up a gallant battle with brain cancer.

TMZ reported Young, during last year’s Thanksgiving week, started feeling ill. It led her doctors to discover a major brain tumor. Now they did catch it before the tumor grew even more.

She underwent a 16-hour operation in February to have it removed. While the operation proved somewhat successful, some of the tumor was left in her brain. Young will need another surgery to remove the rest of that tumor.

Outsider sends its best wishes to Young as she battles brain cancer.