‘American Idol’ Judge Katy Perry Says Luke Bryan Crashed Her Breakfast Wearing ‘Tight Spandex’ Bike Shorts

by Evan Reier

Depending on your preferences, the idea of American Idol judge Luke Bryan rolling up in bike shorts is either amazing or nausea-inducing.

We’ll let readers decide on which that would be. In the meantime, Katy Perry has a pretty incredible story about her American Idol counterpart. And, as you’ve already guessed, it involves Luke Bryan in bike shorts.

The pair of judges spoke to Lauren Zima of ET recently, speaking on the show and their lives surrounding it. The conversation didn’t get very far before Katy Perry got on a role.

“Listen, I’ve spent too much time with Luke today,” Perry started. “He went on a bike ride this morning with Orlando [Bloom,] and showed up to breakfast unannounced. You know, in tight spandex, at the Beverly Hills Hotel.”

For one, that sounds like Luke Bryan. The country star and American Idol judge always looks to the fun side of life, whether that includes spandex or not.

“People were like, ‘What,'” Perry finished before Bryan showed off a photo.

“You should’ve seen what the people at the Beverly Hills Hotel faces looked like when me and Orlando Bloom come walking through there,” Bryan added.

Perry was then asked if she at least dug the bike shorts on Bloom.

“He wears all kinds of short shorts,” the American Idol judge said after a laugh. “He’s a real zaddy.”

And we can thank ET for explaining that a “zaddy,” is a handsome man with swagger. Just when you think you’re plugged in to culture, there’s always something new.

American Idol Judge Luke Bryan Has Been Wearing Bike Shorts a Lot Recently

Luke Bryan has been getting after it on the bike recently. He and fellow country star Dierks Bentley recently completed a 100-mile race, the Natchez Trace Century Ride.

The race took place in Jackson, Mississippi, and the two rode against amateurs and pros alike. However, it was clear they were just in it for the exercise and good time. Bentley posted a photo of the two together after they had wrapped up.

“not sure what was harder… doing 100 miles in 4 hours and 30 minutes or going out in public without my shorts on ha. Spent most of the time behind @LukeBryanOnline wondering where his were too.” Bentley wrote.

Well, despite getting a pretty unique view of the American Idol star, the two singers got through it. After Katy Perry’s story, it seems pretty evident that Bryan enjoys himself a bike ride and some bike shorts.