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‘American Idol’ Judge Luke Bryan Highlights ‘Two Perks’ of Hometown Auditions

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

While American Idol bounces around for hometown auditions judge Luke Bryan is taking in as much of the sights, and food he can. The country music star has been to a lot of places. So, he knows where the good grub is. Also, when you go to these little hometowns you get to enjoy the little things just like Bryan is.

Over on his Instagram, you can catch up with all the fun stuff that the country singer does. It sounds like his wife is with him on the road and he included a photo of a good friend too. So, it seems like, between the chips with buffalo sauce and ranch dip, his dog, and the journey itself, this season of American Idol is going pretty well for Luke Bryan.

Check it out below and see for yourself.

He’s got just about everything that he needs with him. Like his caption says, “Two perks of hometown auditions…favorite lunch spots & bringing your little buddy to work.” Of course, he let everyone know that tonight was an all-new episode of American Idol at 7 pm CT. He had to include in a separate comment, “chips in buffalo wing sauce and ranch. perfection.”

That sounds like a snack you make when you are left home alone and mom says you aren’t allowed to use the stove. But hey, I used to microwave Kraft cheese over saltines and eat it, so to each their own.

Once you get past Luke Bryan chowing down on chips, of course, you have to love the picture of Boss. His dog looks happy to be on the road with dad rather than at home without him. My only question is, where’s Choc?

‘American Idol’ Contestants Try to Impress Luke Bryan with Country Music

There have been some solid country music performances on American Idol this season all in the hopes of impressing Luke Bryan and the other judges. We saw some Rascal Flatts, which is almost always included each season at some point, and then we heard some other tunes.

One contestant took to the audition stage and performed a Whiskey Myers’ hit, Stone. Staying in the contemporary vein of things, another contestant rocked out to a Luke Combs single. Now, that’s all fine and dandy, but how about Emily Faith taking on Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson? Emily took to the stage and impressed the judges.

If you are going to break out a classic, then you need to come correct. It seems that American Idol will have a good stable of country crooners and that should make Luke Bryan’s eyes light up.