‘American Pickers’ Answers Major Questions About New Episodes in Mike Wolfe Post

by Michael Freeman

Much like what Mike Wolfe does on American Pickers, sometimes you find something without originally looking for it. For example, though it wasn’t focused on new episodes, a new social media post by Mike Wolfe gives us an idea of when to expect them.

Posting a throwback pic to Instagram, Mike Wolfe questions followers if they remember the episode it’s from. However, a couple of episode-hungry fans ask when we can expect the show to come back and Wolfe’s store responds to all of them, saying it will be soon.

“Who remembers what this @americanpickers episode was about?” the caption reads. Though the post is amusing and the episode in question was too, the real treasure here is in the comment section. One of the first comments asks Mike Wolfe when we can expect new episodes. His response is “@natvbean filming new ones as we speak! Stand by.” Additionally, he answered another fan with a vague, but promising, “soon.”

In case you’re wondering, Dr. Evermore’s Sculpture Park is the location for the photo in question. While there in season 8, Wolfe and Frank Fritz meet Dr. Evermor and his creation, the “Forevertron.” The Forevertron is a huge, 50-foot scrap-metal sculpture. Evermore himself takes scrap metal and makes different creations, such as what we see Wolfe standing on in the pic.

Overall, though we still don’t know exactly when new episodes will drop, it’s promising to learn it will be sooner rather than later.

Danielle Colby Explained Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz Often Overworked Themselves

Considering all the driving, researching, selling, etc. the American Pickers crew does, it’s natural to think they work hard. Danielle Colby says that’s an understatement and that the pair often are “exhausted.”

Back during a conversation with Famous Interview, Colby talked about the hours Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe often put into the show. “They’re incredibly exhausted,” she told the outlet. “They’re over-worked. They are so grateful to have this opportunity they look past it all and just keep goin’. I worry about ‘em just a little bit ‘cause they do work so hard.”

The interview took place in 2010 when the series was airing its first season. According to Colby, it was normal for the duo to be on the road for three weeks out of the month. Sometimes their schedules were so hectic Colby became seriously concerned for the mental and physical health.

“They’re extremely driven men. After this is all done, this will last a few years,” Danielle continued. “If we’re lucky, we’ll have 5, 10 years of this, and then maybe they’ll have some time to rest and just kind of kick back and enjoy life a little more and retire ‘cause they’re so old.”