‘American Pickers’: An Antique Millstone Ended Up Costing a Small Fortune

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Ovation)

When William Shatner makes a request, you do whatever you have to fulfill it. The American Pickers did just that in an early-season episode. Captain Kirk tasked Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz to find him a millstone.

Millstones are those giant rotating wheels that are usually powered by water. They are used to crush up grain into flour or perhaps livestock feed. However, it is also an item that Shatner absolutely needed for his garden. Of course, no one has a complete garden without one. Jokes aside, the guys put in the work to get this done.

In case you were wondering about how much it would cost to get an antique millstone like the one the American Pickers found, just get ready to spend. These don’t come cheap. Those in the market for one of these giant stones should expect to spend over $2000 and upwards of $3500+. By the time it was said and done, the Pickers landed Shatner a stone for a cool $2500.

This isn’t a typical item that viewers expect to see on the show. While American Pickers is known for showing off old bicycles, motorcycles, oil cans, advertising, and other Americana, millstones don’t come up often. However, these giant stones were important to many early communities.

Millstones could be seen in streams, creeks, and rivers all across rural America and more. No, it isn’t as glamourous as a porcelain Coca-Cola sign, but it is still a cool item. Surely Shatner paid good money for it on delivery. This isn’t the coolest item that has ever been found on the show, but it is one of the most unique requests that the pickers have received.

‘American Pickers’ Paid Top Dollar for Pair of Cars

Back to items that are more common on the show, the American Pickers ended up paying a pretty penny for a pair of Nash Healey cars. However, it seems that Frank and Mike didn’t mind too much when they made the purchase. Things got started just as they usually do on the show.

Wolfe and Fritz had pulled up to a new location in the hopes of finding rusty gold. They found almost more than they cared to pay for. When they got to the Colliers place and found those Nash Healey cars, they knew they had to have them. There are few times the pickers find items that make them go all in like this.

In Pikeville, North Carolina, old cars don’t come cheap. The Collier family had an old car shop for years. After accumulating so many vehicles, they decided to let the American Pickers have a look over things. They ended up getting rid of two cars and getting a lot of cash put into their pockets. $46,000 for the pair, another successful pick from Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz.