‘American Pickers’: The Charity Mike Wolfe Donates to That’s Personal to Him

by Jonathan Howard

There is no denying that American Pickers has been a success since airing in 2010. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz made the show what it is. It has been so successful that Wolfe was able to open Antique Archaeology in Nashville, Tennessee. That isn’t the only thing he has been able to do with his money and success.

Since becoming the face of the show, Wolfe has been able to invest in a lot of projects, as well as, charities. Wolfe has a daughter, Charlie. She was born with a cleft lip and palate. Thanks to the success of the show, he was able to pay for the corrective surgeries which allow his daughter to now live without the conditions. A cleft palate and lip can make it difficult to eat, speak, and do other everyday activities that people take for granted.

Mike Wolfe didn’t stop there, though. Knowing there are other children out in the world that suffer from the same issues, so he did something about it. He is now an ambassador for Operation Smile which is an organization dedicated to giving children these surgeries free of charge. Operation Smile has been able to give corrective surgeries to thousands around the world. Wolfe’s work with the organization has helped others become aware of these conditions.

‘American Pickers’: Items Are Sometimes Staged

Fans have long wondered if the American Pickers show is 100% reality. While the premise of the show is accurate, occasionally there are items that are staged. Producers are all about finding the right backdrop for the picks. That means finding properties with old houses, barns, sheds, outbuildings, and more. If those locations don’t have great items to pick, one or two could be placed from other sources.

While it isn’t completely honest, it is a TV show, after all. If the Pickers were able to land that many big picks, they might not need a show. Of course, not every pick is a home run, and it would likely be bad for the show to air boring locations and picks. There is a reason why the show is still going on 11 years later.

American Pickers shows Wolfe and company traveling America for the best of old Americana and other antiques. If a few items are planted to spice things up, it’s not really a big deal. Reality TV has never been completely true, to begin with. And, there are plenty of shows that do a worse job of planting items and staging moments. The fact not everyone can tell the show is staged is a testament to how well done it is. Expect Wolfe and the Pickers to be going for more picks as new episodes come out on History Channel.