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‘American Pickers’: Check Out Mike Wolfe’s Wildest Rides

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Ray Tamarra/GC Images

When he isn’t starring on American Pickers, you can usually find Mike Wolfe in his shop tinkering on an old bike of some kind. His love for bikes, motorcycles, and cars have led to him having an incredible collection of classic rides.

We all know and love Mike Wolfe from his time starring alongside Frank Fritz on American Pickers. The show first began back in January of 2010. It features the two traveling around the United States in search of old antiques and treasures. In doing so, Wolfe has stumbled across his fair share of old rides that catch his eye.

His love for anything with wheels dates back to when he was just a little kid. He was four years old when he finally got his first bike, which was something he had dreamed of. But he didn’t come across one in the typical way. In fact, his family didn’t have a lot of money growing up. So, Wolfe’s first bike was one that he found in the garbage. As they say, one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.

Mike Wolfe is Old School Cool on Restored Vintage Motorcycle

There is no doubt that Mike Wolfe has made a good living from his time starring on American Pickers. But there is nothing that brings him more joy that sitting on top of a vintage motorcycle. Just look at how happy he looks on his 1939 ULH. He looks like a kid in a candy shop.

Ever since he found his first bike in the garbage, they have been a part of who he is.

Mike Wolfe Owns a ’32 Ford

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe is always giddy whenever he is given the chance to talk about or show off his wild rides in photographs. The was the case just a couple of weeks ago when he posted a snap of his old-school 1932 Ford on Instagram. It’s looking pretty dang good, right?

The background of Wolfe’s photo is almost just as beautiful as the old car itself. You can see what looks like storm clouds brewing up in the background.

A Random Person Once Let ‘American Pickers’ Star Take His Pride and Joy for a Ride

Is there anything better than seeing two guys become bros? Mike Wolfe once ran into one guy who let him go for a ride on his 1938 Knucklehead. It was his pride and joy, as Wolfe says in the post. But he likely knew the American Pickers star was no amateur, and trusted him to treat it like it was his own baby.

If we know Mike Wolfe like we think we do, we can rest easy at night knowing he did just that.