‘American Pickers’: Check Out One Affordable ’Piece of History’ Found at Antique Archaeology

by John Jamison

Have you ever been to a museum gift shop where the items themselves could also be part of an exhibit? Well, that’s essentially what “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe’s antique store is all about. But for the most part, items seen on the show carry heavy price tags at his Antique Archaeology locations. Not so for the box of dated metal trinkets pictured in the Nashville store’s Instagram post from July.

For the low price of $2.00, Antique Archaeology visitors can walk out of the store with a bonafide “American Pickers” item. The various metal pins and pendants depicted in the Instagram post were featured in the fourth episode of Season 21.

“No matter your budget we want everyone who makes the journey to visit us to go home with a little piece of history. These metal trinkets are just the ticket! Any ideas how to creatively upcycle these into something special?” the Instagram caption read.

Individually, one of these trinkets would make a nice keepsake for an “American Pickers” fan. But altogether, the possibilities are endless. Fans shared plenty of ideas for what to do with the metal pieces in the comments.

“I see wind chimes, charm bracelets, necklaces. Just to name a few,” one Instagram user commented.

“I see them set in clear resin for coasters on a bar,” another suggestion read.

“I used something similar to add into my Bouquet when I got married.. it was my something old…” added another, with one of the more creative ideas.

They may be onto something with the resin idea. Setting a bunch of those trinkets into a tabletop or even a bar top would make for a great conversation starter.

Mike Wolfe’s Picking Got Significantly Easier After ‘American Pickers’ Took Off

Before Mike Wolfe was a celebrity in the antique world, he went to great lengths to find valuable items hiding in barns and garages.

His strategy was often equivalent to that of a salesman making cold calls. He landed himself in some dangerous situations doing this. And while his approach was a bit more sophisticated than simply looking through windows and knocking on doors, the reality now is lightyears away from what it used to be.

“We get 10,000 emails a week from people who want us to come pick their collections. Before the show, I ran ads in small towns. It worked, and I would go talk with the local chamber, with museums, and with people who had collections,” Wolfe told Southeastern Antiquing and Collecting Magazine in 2011.

Now, people call Mike Wolfe about picks that at one point would have seemed like once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. He paid his dues and now he’s reaping the benefits.