‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Celebrates Her Birthday With Loved Ones

by Amy Myers
(Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images)

American Pickers star Danielle Colby celebrated her 46th birthday last night with a few friends, a few drinks and a few sweets. Last Wednesday, Colby announced the start of her birthday week activities, and since then it seems that she’s been able to bring in her next year with lots of laughter and loved ones.

Earlier today, the American Pickers star dropped a few photos from yesterday’s festivities. And from the looks of the pictures, it seems most of the night occurred at a cozy little bar, demonstrating that the reality star didn’t need a big extravaganza to celebrate her big day.

In fact, just being able to share the day with her favorite people was all that she needed.

“Being able to hug my loved ones again for the first time in so long is the best feeling. What an absolutely amazing birthday,” Colby reflected. “Thank you to everyone who sent birthday messages and to all my beautiful friends who were able to be with me. I love you all! What a special night.”

She also credited a local bakery for her pastie pastries. Within her birthday album, she showed an up-close snapshot of a bunch of cupcakes covered in sparkly and cheetah-print pasties that burlesque dancers use during their performances. The choice was especially fitting since the American Pickers star was celebrating her birthday with a few fellow performers of the vintage art form.

How Colby Celebrated Her Birthday in Burlesque

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Danielle Colby celebration if she didn’t incorporate a costume into the week somehow. Even when she’s not on stage, the American Pickers star still loves to put on one of her most dazzling outfits. So, she dove into the water and showed off all the best sides of her goldfish getup, complete with a flowing skirt, finned headpiece and scaled bodice.

The outfit is a fairly recent addition to Colby’s extensive wardrobe, but since her friend custom-made the piece, it seems to be the American Pickers star’s favorite.

Meanwhile, ‘American Pickers’ Showed the Star Some Love on Her 46th

As we all know, Colby loves her role on American Pickers just as much as she loves the spotlight on a stage. Throughout her years on the show, she’s shown just how much knowledge she has of Americana and helped host Mike Wolfe with quite a few picks.

So, to honor the essential cast member, the show, too, helped Colby ring in her next year.

“Happy Birthday to our self-proclaimed “Queen of Rust” @daniellecolbyamericanpicker!” the show captioned the post.