‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby’s Charming Home in Small Midwestern Town

by Katie Maloney

Take a look inside one of “American Pickers” star Danielle Colby’s homes.

Ever wonder what the homes of your favorite television show stars look like? It’s always fun to see whether a star’s home matches their personality. This is certainly the case for “American Pickers” star Danielle Colby. Photos of Colby’s home were recently released. And the results are both what we expected and not what we expected at all.

Colby’s home is a 1,584 square-foot farmhouse with 4.56 acres of land in Erie, Illinois. The house is surrounded by woods so Colby and her family can go for walks on private trails and hunt. The one-story home also features two bathrooms, a full basement and a multi-car garage. And the house is pretty much what you would expect from a farmhouse. It has hardwood floors throughout, wooden kitchen cabinets, a butcher block island, and a butler’s pantry. The living room features a cozy wood-burning fireplace and lots of natural light. And the master bedroom features a big bathroom complete with a whirlpool tub. Additionally, for all of the “American Pickers” work-related needs, the home features an office with a built-in bookshelf and desk.

Is This What You’d Expect From ‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby?

The home is work $295K and includes a pond and stream, adding to the tranquility of the home. So, in a way, we would expect Danielle Colby to own a home like this. She’s always seemed like a down-to-earth person who values time with loved ones. We can totally imagine her talking walks with her family in the woods, and then curling up in front of the wood-burning fireplace for a movie night or “American Pickers” marathon. We can also totally picture Danielle Colby being an outdoorsy, not afraid to get dirty, kind of person. So, being able to hunt in the woods surrounding her home makes sense. And, of course, we know Colby loves her classic rides so the multi-car garage fits perfectly.

However, we can’t get over how normal the home is. Don’t get us wrong, we totally know that the “American Pickers” star is normal. But she’s also a total badass with insane knowledge about antiques and art. And her gorgeous tattoos and style indicate that she’s a pretty creative person as well. So, the normalcy of the Illinois farmhouse throws us off a little. We kind of expected the photos of her home to be filled with cool antiques and totally unique artwork and sculptures. To be fair, the home is considered her “vacation” home. Danielle Colby currently resides in Puerto Rico, where she’s helping rebuild the island while also giving her time to orphanages and animal shelters. Perhaps when she releases photos of her full-time home, we’ll get a look at her antique collection and creative design sense.