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‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Explained How She Has ‘The Mind of a Six-Month-Old Pitbull’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic)

If you have ever watched an episode of the television series “American Pickers,” you will know that there is a lot going on as the hosts pursue unique antique finds to purchase. A key figure in this unique antique hunt is Danielle Colby.

She has worked with hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz for more than a decade. Her work in the famous reality television series has brought her fame.

While television viewers know her as the sidekick of Wolfe, Colby is much more. In addition to being an authority on unique finds, she also has other academic interests. And, she pursues those interests with all she has.

Colby talked about her personal interests during a May 2017 interview with Monsters & Critics. Colby’s personal interests came to light after the interviewer asked her to talk about her personal interests.

“Talk about your side interests apart from the TV life, what else is your passion?” the “American Pickers” star was asked. Colby’s show has aired on The History Channel for many years.

In her response, Danielle Colby shared that she pursues her personal interests very aggressively. One of her personal interests is women’s studies.

“Women’s studies intrigue me. I want to know everything and I love to read,” the “American Pickers” star shared.

In fact, Colby would rather read than spend her time going out with others, according to the interview.

“I will read over socializing every time if I can get away with it,” this “American Pickers” star also said.

In addition to women’s studies, Danielle Colby also has other interests. She shared these during the 2017 interview.

“I love running and circus arts too,” Colby also said.

Wisely, “American Pickers” star Danielle Colby has gone after her pursuits away from the show with a lot of energy. She compared her energy to a loyal animal during that 2017 interview with Monsters & Critics.

“I have the mind of a six-month-old pit bull,” Colby explained.

This level of energy is part of her very nature, according to Colby.

“I need to run myself hard to satisfy the amount of energy that I have,” she also said.

By being active – both mentally and physically – Danielle Colby has been able to find happiness.

“That’s my passion; finding bliss in every situation through exercise and education,” the “American Pickers” star also shared.

In addition to having a passion for women’s studies, Colby also enjoys collecting many small items. She talked about this during her 2017 interview.

“For cheap buys, power packed with character, I like children’s toys. I’m crazy about frozen charlottes. I used to collect a lot of skeleton keys. I had a huge collection for many years,” Colby also said. “I’ve just recently begun to sell that collection off. You can always find really interesting keys for not a lot of money. Anywhere from five dollars to hundreds of dollars. You can collect them at all price ranges.”