‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Explained Her Process of ‘Hunting Down Leads’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic)

Over the years fans of American Pickers have figured out the formula for the show. Danielle finds the picks and gets them out to Mike and Frank. While Frank isn’t on the show, the process is more or less the same. However, the work isn’t as hard as it used to be.

Back in 2010, Danielle Colby talked about how the show made her job easier. Despite that, she has a formula for finding good picks and willing sellers. While she has worked it out like a science, she isn’t willing to tell anyone her secrets. It takes a lot to get someone to trust you to come to their place and look for antiques and other collectibles.

The American Pickers star did a breakdown of her methods. Without revealing too much, she explained how she hunts down leads. And no, she isn’t on Craig’s List and E-Bay all day.

“I don’t bother with E-Bay or Craig’s List. What I used to do is quite different from what I do now. What I used to do is literally hunting. I can’t give away too many details about how I do that because obviously there’s some privacy issues there that he [Mike] doesn’t really want me to give out that information, like specific information. It’s just a matter of searching. Starting out you do have to be very crafty. You have to really search and be able to char people and get them to trust you that you’re not some shady person who’s going to break into their house. But now, it’s a lot easier ‘casue the show is there so a lot of the leads come in on their own. I just search through those and find the good ones.”

A lot has changed for the American Pickers crew.

‘American Pickers’ Danielle Colby Cushman’s Hours Are ‘Cush’

The American Pickers’ life has changed a lot since the show started. Her workday is different and the way Danielle approaches her job has changed. However here is what she said about her typical workday shortly after the show had gained so much attention.

“What I do is, my hours are pretty cush. I work in the morning. I hunt leads in the morning out of my house a lot before the shop opens up because right now the shop is so much a tourist destination that to even go over there before it opens up there’s just no use. I’ll never get anything done,” she said.

It must have been quite a shock for the Antique Archaeology store in Iowa when the show took off. If you haven’t been to the store, it is always backed and filled with tourists and fans. American Pickers has built a brand and that has totally changed the way the show and the people on it, work.