‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Said Frank Fritz ‘Loved His Momma Like Elvis Did’

by Joe Rutland

Danielle Colby of “American Pickers” said in a 2017 interview that former co-host Frank Fritz really did love his mother. How much, though?

Colby, who also stars on The History Channel show with Mike Wolfe, answered that question when chatting with Monsters & Critics.

“He loved his momma like Elvis did,” Colby said. “She was his everything to him.” Fritz, who was born on Oct. 11, 1963, in Davenport, Iowa, stayed close to his mother, Susan Zirbes. His mother died on Dec. 17, 2013.

As Outsiders might know, “American Pickers” has been through some tough times recently. Wolfe and Fritz had a falling-out and Fritz took some time away from the show for health reasons. Both men reportedly had been friends since high school.

When the show first premiered in 2010, Wolfe and Fritz would be shown going out and “picking” out antiques and collectibles from around the United States. Sometimes they would buy items for clients, and sometimes they’d buy things for themselves and their businesses.

But Fritz was let go from “American Pickers” in 2021 by The History Channel. That left Wolfe as a solo host but Colby has worked in Wolfe’s business office in Le Claire, Iowa. So she is shown in advertisements for the show alongside Wolfe these days.

‘American Pickers’ Star Took Action To Shut Down Fans’ Criticisms

Now Fritz has been dealing with substance abuse problems and going to rehab for a bit. He also had back surgery, too, which took him out of action. Those were some of the health reasons why he stepped away from “American Pickers.”

Apparently, though, Wolfe and Fritz haven’t been as chummy as viewers would like to have believed. Fritz has said that both men hadn’t spoken to one another in two years. Obviously, that would cause some problems. Now that Fritz is no longer with the show, he’s been more out in the open with his criticism of Wolfe.

But Colby wasn’t having any of it in her world. While she did wish Fritz well in battling his issues, “American Pickers” fans were taking jabs on her social media posts. It got to the point where Colby turned off the ability to leave comments on her Instagram account.

Recently, Colby posted a picture of her and Wolfe together sharing a laugh. No comments were on the post. Why? She found the “turn off comments” feature on Instagram and used it. Colby shut down the negativity by taking some action.

The History Channel show returns this fall. If fans see reruns of the show, then Fritz will be a part of those. But any new shows will just have Wolfe and Colby as the main stars. Even the show’s own website as part of The History Channel shows Wolfe and Colby.