‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby’s Passion for ‘Collecting Tattoos’

by Shelby Scott

While “American Pickers” star Danielle Colby is a talented and dedicated picker, she’s also a well-known collector of tattoos. Colby shares her body art without hesitation while filming the History Channel hit show. In this way, viewers are able to get clearer views of the pieces that don her body.

During a 2019 interview with Freshly Inked, Danielle Colby discussed the various aspects of her career and passions. However, she also took time to detail the ways she began “collecting” tattoos and what inspires each individual piece.

Colby shared with the outlet, “I don’t think I took collecting tattoos seriously at first. I have definitely acquired some more impressive tattoos since then.”

She admitted that her very first tattoo was a lower back tattoo of a tribal-style butterfly. While many people get tattoos for different reasons, Danielle Colby shared that hers represent the story of her life thus far.

“I’m not afraid of people judging the work I have on my body,” she shared. “It’s a storyline for myself.” She further shared that she specifically loves when friends of hers work on her. Though some people may not feel comfortable having a friend tattoo them, Colby shared she can’t work with artists she doesn’t feel close to.

Additionally, Colby said that the majority of her tattoos take inspiration from her friends and family. “I am one of those people who has very personal tattoos. Each piece is there for a very specific reason.”

However, more importantly, Danielle Colby enjoys when a tattoo artist takes her idea for a piece and simply runs with it. She prefers that they follow their own passion. And truthfully, that’s when a tattoo reaches its ultimate best.

“American Pickers” Star Danielle Colby Dedicates Herself to Wildlife Among Antiques and Tattoos

Like most people, Colby takes an interest in other things besides what she has made a career out of and, most recently, that thing is Puertorican wildlife. While there last week, Colby shared a photo of her swimming in the ocean while in Puerto Rico. She opened the caption of her Instagram post with, “Beautiful, amazing, wonderful news today my friends.”

She further explained, stating that a group of condos set for construction along Los Almendros in Puerto Rico received a cease and desist order. And while the order prevents the destruction of natural habitats overall, it also protects local sea turtle populations from having their homes entirely uprooted.

The order comes as a result of mismanagement concerning the developers’ submitted paperwork. At the time of the order, the cease and desist required an immediate halt to the construction. Nevertheless, the building company cited the growing number of demonstrators for their decision to stop construction. Either way, it appears the company will be facing legal charges.