‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Poses at the Beach in Mid-Century Dressing Gown

by Courtney Blackann

Danielle Colby of “American Pickers” always loves showing off her artistic side. The TV personality is super creative when she’s not busy traveling across the country in pursuit of vintage antiques to refurbish. And her latest photo is no different. Colby shares a beautiful picture of wilderness and colorful garb in a new social post.

In a picture on Instagram, the “American Pickers” star is showcasing a gorgeous vintage dress – one of her favorites, she says.

“I’ve put up a new peek at one of my mid-century chenille dressing gowns over on Patreon for all tiers! If you know anything about me you know that chenille is one of my absolute FAVORITE vintage items to collect and this one is just so beautiful,” Colby captions the photo.

The gorgeous dress is a dreamy mid-length red dress with a colorful design on the back. Colby is standing in front of a stunning landscape made up of jagged rocks, as if she’s by the sea. And further, the “American Pickers” lead has hair blowing in the wind. We can almost feel the salty breeze.

In addition to having a pretty regular presence on social media, Colby loves to show off her tattoo art as well as her burlesque moves. The extracurricular hobbies are what make Colby’s mind so creative – and lucrative when it comes to picking.

“American Pickers” Star Danielle Colby Speaks Out About Ukraine

In recent days, Colby sent her well-wishes across seas to Ukraine to show her support. The country was invaded by Russian troops a week ago and is struggling to fight back.

However, the “American Pickers” star took some time to share her thoughts about the conflict in another post on Instagram.

“For the last couple of weeks hearing about the impending invasion by Russia, I’ve sort of been holding my breath and hoping the worst won’t happen. But it did. And now there are thousands of people being displaced, fleeing their homes, living in fear,” Colby shared. “It seems like every day I see some video or another of a Ukrainian person cleaning the shattered glass from their windows off of their kitchen table or maneuvering an actual missile that’s taken up residence in their living rooms.”

The actress continues in her post:

“I know a lot of people all over are feeling like they want to help but don’t know where to begin. The lovely people over at @lostgirlsvintage in Chicago have compiled a list of Ukrainian-owned businesses to buy from. I know this doesn’t directly help anyone overseas, but by supporting local Ukrainian-owned businesses you’re helping them help their families, many of which are trying to seek asylum elsewhere. Chicago is home to a huge Ukrainian population and is in fact a sister city to Kyiv. For those of you not from Chicago, I would urge you to see if there are businesses in your area that are Ukrainian-owned. I am trying to find reputable, ethical relief funds to donate to. As I gather more information I will compile a list to share with you all. “