‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Once Revealed Her Favorite ‘Small’ Items To Collect

by Joe Rutland

Danielle Colby also happens to have the collectible bug that one probably picks up being around Mike Wolfe and “American Pickers.”

But what might be some of her favorite items to collect? Well, Colby, who’s a co-star of The History Channel show with Wolfe, talked about it in a 2017 interview with Monsters & Critics.

“For cheap buys, power-packed with character, I like children’s toys,” Colby said. “I’m crazy about frozen charlottes. I used to collect a lot of skeleton keys. [And] I had a huge collection for many years.

“I’ve just recently begun to sell that collection off,” she said. “You can always find really interesting keys for not a lot of money. Anywhere from five dollars to hundreds of dollars. You can collect them at all price ranges.”

Colby has worked with Wolfe as part of his office in Le Claire, Iowa, since “American Pickers” first premiered in 2010. She’s been seen on the show over the years, but Colby is going to have a higher profile this upcoming season.

The History Channel, which owns “American Pickers,” fired former co-host Frank Fritz earlier in 2021. It was something that was bound to happen as Fritz and Wolfe apparently grew apart. People seemed to believe that both men had been friends since high school. Fritz denied that was the case.

Both men haven’t spoken to each other in two years. Fritz took a hiatus from the show for health reasons. This took him off “American Pickers” but, eventually, the network decided to let Fritz go.

Now Wolfe remains with the very popular show. Colby will reportedly join him this season in some out-in-the-field “picking” of antiques and collectibles. This fall will be kind of a new start for “American Pickers” and fans can tune in to see new episodes.

Wolfe’s ‘Crazy Stories’ While Going Out ‘Picking’ Led To Getting Camera

One thing that Colby kept hearing from Wolfe was a lot of wild stories about his adventures in the world of collecting.

In an interview with “Freshly Inked Magazine,” she said that Wolfe would return to the home office with wild stories of his adventures and about the people he’d meet. Colby said she needed video proof about all of the shenanigans he was talking about.

“I believe he came up with the idea because none of us believed his crazy stories,” Colby said. “He would come back from a pick, two weeks on the road, he would have all these crazy stories about the people he ran into and the places he stayed. He had to film it to prove it to us. That actually worked out pretty well for him, didn’t it?”