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‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Revealed the Items She Is ‘Completely and Hopelessly Obsessed With’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Danielle Colby loves antiques and collectibles as much as her boss, Mike Wolfe, on “American Pickers.” There are some she’s obsessed about.

What, pray tell, could these items be that stir her soul and heart to get them? Colby talked about it in an interview with Monsters & Critics.

“I am completely and hopelessly obsessed with vintage stage costumes, specifically early burlesque,” Colby said. “I have an extensive collection from all around the world, as early as the 1800s.”

The “American Pickers” star said her collection included a rare costume from the 1890s worn by Lillie Langtry. Also, she has an original early 1910-20 stage costume of Mata Hari, and what’s believed to be a banana skirt from Josephine Baker.

“I have a full collection of lesser-known dancers’ costumes as well,” Colby said. “I love playing history detective with those.” She focuses on hunting down the history of the dancers herself, Colby said. “It’s a project that consumes my every waking moment.”

‘American Pickers’ Star Focuses On Project When Not Filming

Colby admitted that when she’s not filming for “American Pickers,” her focus is down on the costumes.

“… I’m researching, writing, and hunting for these costumes so that these unknown dancers become known dancers,” she said. “Women don’t just give their lives over to striptease for no reason at all. There is always a very specific and pointed reason why a woman will feel the need, urge or desire to remove her clothing on stage in front of tens, sometimes hundreds of people, and if she’s really successful, thousands of people.”

Colby, who will be with Wolfe this season on “American Pickers,” said she wants to know the “why” behind the costumes and dancers.

“I have studied this art of dance for over 10 years now in hopes of better understanding the answer to this question,” she said. “Everything about this project really lends itself to a better-educated understanding of women throughout history.”

History Channel Show Rolls Into Another Season Without Co-Host

“American Pickers” remains one of the most popular shows on The History Channel. This season’s show will look different because Frank Fritz is no longer a part of the cast. After missing some time due to health concerns, the network decided to fire Fritz and simply stick with Wolfe’s business.

Fritz has been vocal about some of the reasons he thinks that he was fired. During some recent tirades, Fritz has said that he and Wolfe had not spoken to each other in two years. Fritz also claimed that Wolfe didn’t even reach out to him after he had back surgery to check up on his co-host.

Some show fans are still raising their voices in the hope that Fritz will return. Don’t be surprised, though, if he doesn’t come back.