‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Reveals ‘Favorite’ Area of US to Pick

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Tyler Tomasek via Getty Images)

Danielle Colby is a huge part of what makes American Pickers and Antique Archaeology tick. She hunts down leads and sends Mike to collectors who are willing to sell. Additionally, she adds her own expertise to help him price some off-beat items from time to time. However, she didn’t just fall into her job. Dani spent years as a picker, collector, and lover of all things vintage before she even met Mike Wolfe. In fact, they met at a garage sale where they both tried to buy the same vintage lamp.

At this point, Danielle Colby is an expert picker. Her work on American Pickers has allowed her to travel all over the country. If you’ve ever wondered where the best picking in the country is, Dani has an answer. Recently, she shared her favorite places to pick while chatting with the hosts of The Sailor Jerry Podcast.

Danielle Colby currently lives in Puerto Rico and doesn’t pick much there. She said that she doesn’t feel right buying the things she finds there because most of it would be better suited to a museum than her collection or antique store. She would rather pick here in the continental United States.

Danielle Colby’s Favorite Places to Pick

Danielle Colby told The Sailor Jerry Podcast that she loves picking America’s East Coast. In fact, she said it’s her favorite place to go if she has plenty of money to spend on new treasures. Then, she elaborated on why the East Coast is her go-to region.

“That’s where all the rare sh*t is. The rarest in the country you’re going to find out east, normally,” she explained.

That makes sense. The United States started on the East Coast. So, the history is deep and varied there. In addition to American history, you’ll find plenty of maritime history on the East Coast. As a result, there are plenty of antiques in the region that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

When Danielle Colby is short on cash and just wants to have a good time, she heads back to her hometown of Clinton, Iowa. She said that the vintage stores there are a little hard to find. However, their stock makes it worth the effort. On top of that, they’re still relatively inexpensive. Dani added that most small towns that are a little off the beaten path usually have good deals on antiques and a strong vintage/antique “scene.”

Danielle Colby added that she tries to stay away from big cities in Texas because all of the oil money in the state allows vintage shops and antique dealers to charge higher prices. Additionally, she doesn’t do much picking around Nashville for the same reason.