‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Silences Critics on New Pic With Mike Wolfe Amid Frank Fritz Feud

by Clayton Edwards

There is a years-long feud between Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. However, most American Pickers fans were unaware of it until late July. Just a few weeks ago, we all learned that Frank will not return to the show. Shortly thereafter, we learned that the partners in picking haven’t spoken in two years. Then, Mike made a long and allegedly heartfelt post about Fritz’s departure. In that post, he claimed that he and Frank had been friends for decades.

Furthermore, he said that he and his former co-host were like brothers. It didn’t take long for Fritz to come out and, in no uncertain terms, let everyone know what Mike was full of. All the while, Danielle Colby has been stuck in the middle of the public feud.

For her part, Danielle Colby has remained positive. At one point, she mentioned that Frank was fighting his own demons. She also said that it was hard to watch his self-destructive behaviors because she cares about him. However, she never came out and openly bashed her former co-worker.

Frank had a problem with substance abuse and it was ruining his life. It led to an arrest as well as a stint in rehab. As far as the world knows, Frank is still on the wagon and living well. That might be the only good news to come out of this whole debacle.

Fans of American Pickers, however, have not been positive or silent about the feud. Many of the show’s posts have been filled with comments about Fritz’s departure from the show. At the same time, the show’s stars have caught heat as well. Danielle Colby was no exception to this. Luckily, she knows how to shut down the angry mob.

Danielle Colby Effectively Silences Critics

A quick scroll through Danielle Colby’s Instagram will show that she found out how to keep the vitriol to a minimum on her personal page. For instance, a few days ago, she posted a photo of her and Mike Wolfe smiling together. In that post, she said that she loved spending time with Wolfe. However, she didn’t have to deal with any backlash from the fans. Instead, she turned off the comments on the post. It is hard to leave angry comments when there is no place to type them.

In fact, Danielle Colby turned off the comments on all of her most recent posts pertaining to the show. However, if you go back a little further, you will find a large chunk of her posts with no comments. It seems like she saw the angry mobs attacking the show’s social media posts and preemptively turned off comments until things settled down.

We can learn a real lesson from Danielle Colby here. It’s okay to turn off your comments. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. However, you don’t have to hear them all of the time.