‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Tells Wild Story About Mike Wolfe Picking Haunted Chest

by John Jamison
(Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic)

Is it too late for spooky Halloween stuff? Because there’s a fine line between looking for antiques on American Pickers and stumbling upon a ghost. Danielle Colby has some firsthand experience with a particularly spirited World War II chest Mike Wolfe picked when the show was starting out.

American Pickers fans know Danielle Colby as the researcher who often stays behind at Antique Archaeology to help coordinate picks for Mike Wolfe. Beyond the show, the “Queen of Rust” has a varied background, ranging from burlesque to massage therapy. She also has a few connections to people who worked on the show Ghost Hunters. So she knows a thing or two about supernatural energy.

During a podcast appearance on “The Sailor Jerry Podcast,” Colby was asked if she had any haunted picking stories.

“It is Halloween,” the podcast host began. “Have you ever purchased anything that was cursed or that you felt bad energy from? That you had to get rid of, like maybe a doll or something like that.”

Honestly, the supernatural is an excellent topic of discussion for someone who spends most of their time dealing with antiques. Curses and ghosts always seem linked to old items stashed away in dusty attics and chests, right?

“When the show first started, Mike picked this footlocker. It belonged to a lady named Mary Reaver. It was, I believe, her brother’s footlocker from the war. He brought it back to Antique Archaeology,” said Colby. “And we opened up Mary Reaver’s trunk, and the vibe in the air got so crazy.”

What did they find inside? A stack of letters that said “do not open,” divination sticks, and tarot cards—this woman’s “whole life,” as the American Pickers star put it.

The ‘American Pickers’ Star Convinced Mike Wolfe to Keep the Majority of the Spooky Trunk’s Contents

Mike Wolfe didn’t know what he was getting into when he bought the footlocker. He sold a few of the things from inside it, but Danielle Colby kept him from selling the most important stuff.

“I still have everything from that trunk, except for the—Mike did sell a couple things. But I was just like, ‘Look, you can’t sell this. It says do not even read,” Colby continued. “I still feel her to this day, because I take her with me everywhere. But yeah, of course, you feel stuff, especially when you get to read their old love letters. Her story specifically was…”

Wait, what? You read that correctly. Danielle Colby did indeed open and read the letters that specifically said not to. This story might as well be the beginning of a horror movie. Thankfully, the American Pickers star cut herself off before going into detail about the letters. Hopefully, that’s enough to spare us all a haunting from Mary Reaver.